What are Web Hosting Companies Willing to do to Gain Your Business?

By: | Updated: March 25, 2021

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Web hosting has come a long way. Use to be, businesses would have to budget before being able to afford hosting. This was in the beginning stages of web hosting, and now the industry is flooded with hosting options. Since the services are widely offered, hosting has become affordable for everyone. This alone has increased the number of personal bloggers that can now be found on the internet.
Web hosting companies have had to step up their game, and offer more to their clients. Competition is fierce, and customers are swayed to go with the company who can offer them the best packages. While this is great for the consumer, it is wreaking havoc on independent hosting providers. They have to offer more than their competitor in order for their businesses to succeed.
While the hosting war continues… How far are these companies willing to go to get your business?

Web Hosting Companies


Having a variety of hosting companies available has enhanced your chances of finding an affordable hosting package. However, there are some hosting companies that offer exclusive budget friendly hosting. Determining what type of hosting you need, will help you decide if a budget hosting plan is right for you.
Budget friendly hosting is typically going to be a very basic plan, so it is important that you read all the fine print that is involved. You could end up spending more in the long run if you go with a plan that does not have all the features that you need.
Plus, many hosting companies will offer special introductory rates. Be aware of the expiration date of these offers, as well as how much they will cost you after that point. This is often a tactic to gain your business, and rates will skyrocket after the introductory period.



Features are an incentive that a lot of hosting companies will use to win your business. When you know what features you need, it becomes simple to choose a hosting company. You will be able to take the features you want, and compare them with the prices that hosting companies are offering.
Features that are most often sought after, include:

  • MySQL databases
  • How many sites can be on one account
  • How many domains and sub domains
  • Email filters

One of the biggest features that has been attacked in the hosting wars is, unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Even though these companies say they offer unlimited, you need to check the fine print to see what that means. Often times, they put stipulations on these after so much is used.


Customer support is important in any business. You should always take the time to read reviews, and see what others are saying about the company before making the decision to go with their service. Many of the independent hosting companies offer top notch service, that includes 24 hour phone support. It doesn’t always pay to go with a well known company, because they cannot service their customers like smaller web hosting companies.



Among the top rated webhosting companies, you will find FatCow. They offer competitive rates, outstanding customer service, and a number of hosting plans that will fit anyone’s budget. With every hosting package that is purchased, you will receive free web building tools that will help you get your site up and running in no time.


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