Own them.

  • running out of traffic?
  • running out of money?
  • making pennies a day through your blog?
  • not being able to grow an email list?
  • blogging critics?
  • succeeding with your blog, and wondering if you’ll need to release old friends to make room for new friends?
  • failing with your blog and seeing your detractors say, “I told you so!”?
  • writer’s block?
  • fearing you will run into writer’s block?
  • fearing that you will burn out by practicing writing too frequently?
  • fearing that you will make so much money that hangers on and strangers will constantly hound you for money?
  • fearing that people who love you and your blogging style – readers, other bloggers – will disappear as that style evolves and you gain greater clarity? (this will happen in some instances)
  • fearing that what you have to share through your blog is something that “everybody already knows”? (In a world of 7 billion people, doesn’t that sound asinine?)
  • fearing that you will get sick if you stay up late or wake up early to blog, once in a while?
  • fearing your blog will collapse if you aren’t working 18 hour days?
  • fearing that your blogging income streams will collapse if you aren’t working 18 hour days?
  • fearing that nobody will read a guest post entirely composed of bullet points?
  • feeling that all you do online is a waste of time?
  • feeling that all you do online WILL BE a waste of time?
  • fearing that you will meet people from different cultures and different parts of the world as a successful blogger?
  • fearing that you will be scammed?
  • fearing that you will be spammed?
  • fearing that you will be admired, then, that you will need to face the pressure of over delivering with each and every blog post?
  • fearing that you’re an outright fraud?
  • fearing that you won’t have a clue in hell what to do when the technical side of your blog goes to custard?
  • fearing that you need to spend money on coaching?
  • fearing that you need to spend money on courses?
  • fearing that you need to spend money on eBooks?
  • fearing that only tire-kickers will show up to your blog?
  • fearing that successful, pro bloggers will look down on you?
  • fearing that you are more powerful than you could ever believe you are?
  • fearing that if you blog with love, people will see you as weak?
  • fearing that if you blog with love, people will take advantage of you?

Congratulations if you owned 1 or 33 of these fears. You are human.

I have personally experienced each 1 of these blogging terrors over my 8 year blogging career.

Yet here I am, blogging from Doha, Qatar, living the dream as a full time digital nomad.

Congrats if you are willing to feel/experience the fears you owned. This process is unpleasant, but short, and will help you live your wildest dreams.

If you feel and release blogging fears you proceed to be and do things with blogging love.

This is where magic happens.

Blogging magic.

The Audio Book

I co-created an audio book to help you feel and dissolve your fears quickly:

How to Master Doing Freeing but Highly Uncomfortable Stuff (iTunes Audio Book)

Your Turn

How are you processing your blogging fears?

Are you feeling them?

PS….Yes that is me and my wife Kelli petting a 400 pound tiger in Thailand. No they don’t drug them, as you would see if you spotted them running around on the grounds. These guys are spry, alert and energized…..making that experience all the more scary!