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A hosting service can simply be referred to as a service that ‘houses’ a domain name. Domain hosting service generally is the act of maintaining files for a website. A web host is basically a computer on domain name that can be accessed through an external IP address or gadget connected to the internet.

It can be casually viewed as a computer with intense memory where files for multiple websites are stored. The host computer (mostly known as the web server) is responsible for giving or denying access to websites or to certain files.

Domain hosting service-Types of Web Hosting

There are several types of web hosting services available. Below are the top three that are most common;

Free Web Hosting Service

Normally provided in the form of a sub-domain, free web hosting refers to a hosting service where one is allowed to host their files on a server and in return allow advertisements to run on their pages.

Although it comes with the obvious advantage of being expense-free, this type of web hosting can be troublesome because you are not in control of your files or the server. It is recommended for beginners who are just trying out before moving to paid web hosting.

Shared Web Hosting Service

This is the most common type of web hosting where numerous websites or applications are configured to use the same server (or resource). The direct impact of this is that there is less security and also slower speeds. Many resources are competing for the same resource and sometimes the server might be overwhelmed leading to unreliable accessibility.

The upside of this type of domain hosting service that it is cheap and might be most cost-effective for a start-up business that does not experience massive traffic.

Dedicated Web Hosting Service

This form of web hosting allows a customer to enjoy a dedicated connection to a server without sharing the resource with anyone else. The service provider is responsible for maintaining the hardware. The customer enjoys dedicated monitoring, dedicated data storage and dedicated data access leading to top-notch reliability.

This is the most preferred web hosting service for companies that deal with sensitive data and cannot afford downtimes that come as a result of sharing as can be experienced in shared web hosting.

What kind of Web Hosting do you need for your Business?

Although the idea of free web hosting might seem appealing and quite attractive, it is always wise to dig deeper and know exactly if there are hidden terms with the hosting deal. Most free web hosting services have hidden terms and in most cases will land you in problems. Furthermore, most free hosting services have advertisements embedded in the websites they host and this might not seem too professional to your website visitors.

If you are hosting sensitive files that have vital information that is sensitive to your business, it is wise to consider the dedicated web hosting service.

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