What is Web Hosting for Students?

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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Web hosting for students is more geared towards the educational industry. It’s great for class projects, hobbies, blogging, educational purposes and more. The best part is that there may be discounts available for students who can prove they are attending classes.

The Difference with Student Hosting

When it comes to the differences between regular hosting and student hosting, it can vary some. While student hosting is more customized and ideal for educational purposes, your typical hosting is geared more towards online businesses. Student hosting allows teachers to put together online quizzes, create student forums and publish online text. Students have the ability to discuss text, courses and other educational material with other classmates.

There are additional features that are unique with regards to student hosting. This will set it apart from some of your typical hosting. Student hosting is for non-profitable educational reasons, but it’s not restricted to this alone. Students can also set up a website to sell items they no longer need or to donate their unwanted items. However, some hosting can be great for hobbies, blogging, class projects and to cover a portfolio.

You can enjoy the same features that come with your typical hosting. In fact, some typical hosting and web hosting services are grouped together on the same server. Student versions are smaller and cost a lot less too.

Choosing the Right One

When it comes to choosing a student hosting you want to pick a domain name to begin with. Pick a name that is easy to remember and keep in mind that student domain names can cost upwards of $15 a year. There are some hosting companies that offer free domain names or domain names that are as low as $5 a year which is a lot more affordable.

You also want a hosting server that’s easy to use. If you’re new to this or are a beginner, consider one that’s easy to use and easy to navigate around. This allows you to get started at once and can offer built-in tools and wizards to get you up and going.

You also want a hosting service that offers online help. There are some that offer online tutorials, video demos and even how-to guides that help you get the tech help you need. If possible, try to find real human help talk you through things. This is often better than reading guides and trying to watch videos.

You want free email hosting as well to help customize email accounts. This can be a cool feature for students since you can create a more professional email address providing you a better reputation.

Make sure you choose a hosting company that has a valuable reputation. This allows you to get the space and service you need. It’s about more than getting the features. You want a hosting serviced that’s going to work hard for you and to help you along the way. Choosing student web hosting can be hard and overwhelming, but you can find just what you need with a little searching. Consider looking into FatCow to see what they can do for your student hosting needs.

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