Ever felt like “What should I blog tomorrow?” I feel it almost everyday. Many bloggers feel that. More than this, have you ever been in a position where you have nothing to blog tomorrow and stressing yourself to write a post? To tell the truth, I have been in that situation a couple of times. Yes, bloggers should be passionate about the topic they blog. Still there will be times when you will almost have nothing to blog the next day. What should you do at these times? Here are a few tips:

1. Don’t Think About Blogging
At these times, what I mostly do is, I just don’t think about blogging. I either surf the net or do something in the PC offline. I play games and listen to music. I tell you, listening to music will have a great impact on you. You can surely forget about blogging if you start listening to songs. If you are not interested in those, then do something which will keep you busy.

2. Get Away From Your PC
I never used to get much idea when I sit near my PC. When I feel the stress, I get away from my PC. Go out and relax for a while. Go to a nearby Coffee shop and drink a cup of coffee. But the best thing to do is to watch the nature.

3. Take A Note And Start Scribbling
I have written many times in many of the posts that, scribbling can lead to great content. So take a note and start scribbling. Don’t scribble thinking all about blogging, but move a bit away from blogging. After few minutes, start to write few keywords which have got traffic for you and slowly move to the content itself.

4. You Really Need Not Post The Next Day
Yes. Sometimes you really need not post the next day. Surely the world is not going to end tomorrow. So take rest and don’t blog the next day. One day of no-blogging will not lead to decrease in subscribers. People unsubscribe only when you write too many paid reviews or monetize your blog the way how you should not. Better take rest and enjoy life.

Have you ever stressed yourself to blog the next day? What did you do at those times? Please share it in the comments. And don’t forget to give your tip. It will be really useful to many others including me.