What Should You Consider When Building a WordPress Website?

By: | Updated: September 24, 2015

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WordPress is one of the most convenient and easy ways to Building a WordPress Website. It’s also important to note; WordPress is updated constantly so that even a beginner will be able to use it confidently.

If you are a beginner then WordPress is for you. Just make sure you keep the following techniques in mind if you want to create a seamless website using this efficient website creation tool.

It all Starts with WordPress Hosting

Nothing else written below matters if you don’t have the best possible hosting for your new WordPress website. Your hosting company needs to offer plenty of disk space, bandwidth and the features you need to use WordPress properly. There are plenty of great hosting companies out there, but FatCow website hosting is by far the best for WordPress. They have been a leader for years.

Find out more about FatCow by reading our full FatCow Hosting Review here.

Building a WordPress Website

Now that you are using WordPress you should consider familiarizing yourself with the different basic techniques and steps. You must brush up on your skills by using WordPress tutorials found on this website and from other sources. It is a guarantee that you will be able to learn WordPress like second nature with plenty of practice.

Use the WordPress Basic Setup

If you plan to replace the generic WordPress domain using your own domain then you need to have a hosting account and a new domain. You can find tips about how to find the best hosting for WordPress and narrow down your choices. You also need the WordPress setup which is downloadable and easily installed from the WordPress site. However, if you use FatCow hosting, you will get the one-click installation found in the vDeck control panel.

Use WordPress Tutorials

Try the WordPress Walkthrough Series where you can watch videos about WordPress. These videos will help you design sites, build sites from scratch and even market your own site with your own products

Customized Themes

One of the most exciting things that you can do with WordPress is setting your own website theme. Take time thinking about this part since it could make or break your website design. It is recommended that you start with a “child theme.” This means that you can modify the page but keep all the basic elements intact. You may also visit blogs and sites that identify the most popular WordPress free themes for different types of websites.

Remember to use Plugins

Make use of WordPress plugins. These are additional features that will customize functions and features of your website. You can find a complete and official directory of plugins on the WordPress official site.

SEO Practices in WordPress

Your WordPress site should have code and plugins that comply with the latest SEO standards. This should include properly constructed headings and metatags and avoiding the use of default permalinks.

Remember that noncompliance to good SEO practices can significantly reduce your ranking and can get you banned on Google.

Security using WordPress

With WordPress, you are not guaranteed protection from hacker attacks. Security tools you can use to help keep hackers out include: Wordfence, Simple Firewall, Bulletproof and iThemes Security.

Site Analytics

You will want to make sure that Google Analytics is properly configured to measure all the activity in your site. This is done by using the analytics plugin called Google Analytics by Yoast. This plugin keeps track of all the user activity on your WordPress website. Make sure you sign up for Google Analytics and connect the plugin to your account, which is free.

Social Media and your WordPress Site

Social media plugins makes it easy for your visitors to share your site or blog posts with their friends. You will want to use powerful social media –related plugins available for WordPress users, such as Share Bar, Hootsuite, SNAP and Optin Skin. There are several other plugins you can use to get the social media buttons on your site or automatically share new posts on your own social profiles.

By keeping these techniques in mind, you will be able to successfully create and market your site to your customers using WordPress.


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