What Should You Know About Buying a Premium WordPress Theme?

By: | Updated: July 23, 2021

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WordPress is one of the most functional blog and website platforms to date. It offers many free options alongside paid, premium ones. If you’re contemplating an upgrade to a paid theme, then here’s what you should know about buying a premium WordPress theme: the benefits are numerous.

Premium themes offer the aesthetics and customization you need when free themes just aren’t cutting it anymore. Built and maintained by professional developers, they offer upgraded features, higher quality versus free themes, and unmatched support.

Purchasing a Premium WordPress Theme

Premium themes come at a price. It’s usually a one-time transaction that comes with a specified period of unlimited technical support from the developer. You will likely gain access to the developer’s website as a member or user, and from there you will have access to tutorials, help forums, and more. Exactly what you get varies developer to developer.

It is crucial to purchase premium themes from reputable, trusted vendors only! A theme is ultimately code, and code can be programmed to execute any number of malicious actions. If you buy a theme from an unknown vendor, you might be inviting a hacker into your website. The results could be disastrous.

Avoid spammy, unprofessional looking websites. Watch for red flags of a hacked or low-quality theme. For example, developers who misspell ‘WordPress’ as ‘Wordpress’ are either up to no good or guilty of overlooking details. Either way, you don’t want a theme from them.

Always research a developer before making a purchase. Look for reviews, both positive and negative. Look for ratings, and see how many people have purchased the theme. If a vendor lacks reviews, has only negative reviews, is low on ratings, or doesn’t have a hefty purchasing number, be cautious.

Demo Before You Buy

A reputable developer will give every prospective consumer the chance to demo or preview live examples of their theme. You want the ability to demo the theme as this is the best way to discover whether it offers the features you need.

Trusted developers will have a theme showcase. It will display how others are using their theme. It often includes high-caliber websites that vouch for the theme, which is an additional means of confirming validity before purchasing and installing.

Must Have WordPress Theme Elements

Finally, the elements of a theme are a major factor to consider before purchasing. The basics should always be included:

  • The theme should be standards-compliant, which means it uses the latest in HTML and CSS programming. It should also be fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  • It must be responsive, which means it’s ready to adapt to any browser, from desktop to tablet to mobile.
  • It should be compatible with multiple browsers, especially those your audience use the most.
  • Flawless customization is a must. If you can’t figure out how to make simple aesthetic changes, the theme isn’t worth your time or money.
  • Integration is key, which means it must be friendly and integrate well with other WordPress plugins, especially the ones you use.

A premium WordPress theme is the best way to upgrade your website. It will blow away free themes and give you needed control to create a stunning online presence.

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