What Should You Know About Starting a Self-Hosted Blog?

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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There are two types of blogs you can start. One is hosted with a free blog host, such as Tumbler, Blogger or even WordPress.com. This type of blog doesn’t give you full control and you really don’t own it.

The other type is a self-hosted blog, which means you pay for hosting and a domain name. You can still use WordPress, but it’s a different form of WordPress, which is still free with your hosting account. This is the better choice of the two, but you should understand a little bit about self-hosted blogs before you get the ball rolling.

The Major Difference Between Free and Self-Hosted Blogs

Free blogs don’t cost anything to set up, but may show ads, limit the templates or themes you can use, limit the customizations, limit the space and they may quickly become spam magnets. These types of blogs often don’t rank as well in search engines and it’s harder to use them to make money.

When you choose a self-hosted blog, you won’t have to worry about ads n your site (unless you put them on it), you can use any free or paid theme or template you want, you control the design and function and you can even get plenty of support. However, it won’t be free. You will need great blog hosting, such as the $44 per year package from Hostoople.

What Type of Hosting do You Need?

For 99% of self-hosted blogs, a shared hosting account allowing you to use one-click WordPress installation is all you need. The other 1% are usually blogs expecting a massive amount of daily traffic, which may require VPS or dedicated server hosting.

The $44 per year package from FatCow is a great choice for anybody starting a blog. It comes with WordPress and all the necessary tools to give you a strong foundation. In addition, you will gain access to excellent technical support.

Should you Use WordPress for your Self-Hosted Blog?

The simple answer is YES! WordPress is by far the best platform for bloggers. Unless you have a very specific reason to use another platform, WordPress is your best choice.

How Quickly can you Set up a WordPress Blog?

A WordPress blog can be set up in less than 10 minutes. Once you have installed WordPress, it may take some time to find the theme, plugins and overall look you want, but the site will be set up and live very quickly.

What are the Requirements for a Self-Hosted Blog?

There are only two real requirements to set up a self-hosted blog: a domain name and a hosting account. Of course, you will need WordPress, but this will come with your hosting account.

What kind of Coding will You Need?

If you choose to set up your self-hosted blog on WordPress, coding isn’t necessary. Many of the things you may want to do will have a free or premium plugin ready to help you achieve the functionality or look you desire. Since this is a massive system, you will have access to a huge community to support you and answer questions, as well.

Starting a self-hosted blog on WordPress is an excellent decision. You can get your blog up and running in less than 15 minutes with FatCow. Find out more about the $44 per year package by Going Here Now!

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