What Should your Blog Post Goals be?

By: | Updated: October 18, 2015

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It’s safe to say you are now fully aware of just how important it is to have a company blog. Not only can a blog help you spread your message far and wide, but it can also help you generate new business. The problem however is very few businesses actually know how to get the most out of every blog post. If you fall into this category, keep reading as you will learn about four tips that will help you with setting and achieving your blog goals. Set the bar high for your Blog Post Goals so you can reach milestones.

Blog Post Goals-Make Sure the Content You Share is Both Valuable and Interesting


When thinking of what to share on your blog, ask yourself how valuable will it be to your audience. Keep in mind people are looking for content that will help them solve a problem. If you are sharing a bunch of content that provides absolutely no value, people will stop reading your blog and never return.
Make it a point to share original content on a regular basis. This is what will keep visitors coming back for more. Put your own spin on information that has been shared a million times already. You also want to make sure you have an attention grabbing title for all articles. Your title is what will ultimately get people to either read or click away from your article.

Make It a Quick and Easy Read

Most people will read your blog while they are doing other things. They don’t have time to sit down and read a 30 minute blog post. You should also keep in mind many of your readers will be using a mobile device to access your content. In other words, no one has time to scroll through 10,000 words of content.
Keep your posts short and to the point. A thousand words is plenty. And if you can, try to keep to 800 words or less. Use subheadings to make it easier for people to quickly scan through the article. Adding a few pictures is also not a bad idea.

Make Each Piece of Content a Gateway


A well written blog post can encourage readers to explore your site even more. Make it a point to link to other articles on your site that can be beneficial to the reader. Just be sure the content you link to somehow relates to what you are already discussing. The idea is to get your visitors to linger around on your website for as long as possible.

Make Sure Your Content is SEO Friendly


This tip is listed last, so that you won’t just focus on SEO. Keep in mind your readers are human beings. That means your content needs to be created for real people. Don’t focus so much on SEO that your content is no longer readable. By adding a few keywords here and there you can make your post SEO friendly while also ensuring it is an enjoyable read for your visitors.
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