If you’re at all like me, you might already have owned the domain with your name for a little while just to be sure someone else doesn’t snatch it up. Shoot, I saw someone on Twitter say he’s already gotten his small child a domain with her name. (I’ve got to get to work on that with my three little ones). But then KelbyCarr.com was just sitting there, doing nothing.

Meanwhile, I’ve been developing my own sites as well as writing and blogging for several sites. My email signature was getting a bit out of control. Despite being all over the place, there was no central place to just promote me. So I installed WordPress, edited my About page, and started blogging on the many disparate things that make up my interests.

I know as a general rule, it can be hard to pull off a name domain unless you have, well, a recognized name. But using your name domain doesn’t have to mean this is a place where you pull in hundreds a month in revenue. You can view it as your e-resume, and a place to send clients, friends or family. If that is your mission, who cares about revenue.

There are some benefits to having a site with my name:

  • This gives you control over what people find when they search Google for your name. As it is now, there is one site I write for that consistently pops up in first place. It isn’t necessarily bad, but that is just on one topic I write about. It will be better when my name domain pops up in first place, simply because people will find information about all the topics I cover. It’s highly likely to rank at the top since I have my name right in the domain, too.
  • It’s fun and a little bit freeing to have a site that’s main focus is to be about whatever I feel like talking about. All of my other sites have a very specific focus. Also, those sites run by someone else have specific guidelines and rules. My site has just my rules, and I can handle things the way I think appropriate.
  • I used SpringWidgets to create a cool sidebar widget that displays the latest posts from any RSS feed that features just my authored content on a site. It’s a cool way to quickly and easily display latest content for you bloggers who, like me, are a bit all over the place.
  • Part of my blogroll is linking to my sites. Since it’s a new site, that isn’t terribly helpful, but it is additional incoming links.
  • It is one link I can send people when applying for a blogging job or when I want to show off what I’m about, rather then a series of links to various web sites.

Do you have a YourName.com site? I’d love to hear what you did with it, and how that worked out.