That’s more than exciting isn’t it?

I want to ask all you bloggers out there – What would you want to do honestly, if you were the admin of

First I asked myself the question, and it was one of the toughest one that i faced recently.

I would..

– Replace Darren’s photo with mine and declare to all reader’s in a post that I’m taking over ProBlogger.
That would probably get me the most abused and foul-mouthed comments on the blogosphere. But seriously, it would be great fun! Wouldn’t it be?

– Ask every sponsor to send me US $1000000 for their spots to continue. πŸ˜€

– Open new ad spots with bidding in public. Starting bid would be same as the number of readers on Problogger and minimum bid squares of it.

– Form a “Problogger Fans Association” around the world.

– Bribe someone at Google with the revenue generated and bring back the “text purchase” option(So that I can sell more links and make money).

– Write a review on John

What do you think will you do if you owned

(No. Am not out of my mind, just trying to unwind after writing some boring blogging tips :-p )