Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.

– Benjamin Franklin

What's Stopping You From Being A 'Great' BloggerHow many times have you seen successful bloggers celebrating every post on their blog? To celebrate, here, means to enrich the engagement that comes along. You might be thinking that those ‘Income Reports’ posted by popular bloggers were there ever since they started their blogging journey, but it’s not the way you think. Those income reports, which contain four or five digit figures, are a compilation of months and years of hard word, dedication, will power and thousands of more things.

In this series, we shall discuss the obstacles that are you might be facing on your path of becoming a so-called great blogger, but yet ignoring them and moving forward.

The Lack Of Exceptionality

What would have happened if Harry Potter was made using the same ideas like in Transformers? It wouldn’t have been relishing the success it has today. The reason why I’ve compared this to blogging is because if you have some time to fly around the web and check out different blogs in your niche, you’ll definitely find some or even many blogs who’re actually copying the same writing style like the others. The lack of exceptionality, at least in this article, is about the lack of being a unique writer, or rather the lack of having a unique writing style.

Note that this is not about plagiarism or duplication of content. This is about ‘stealing’ the style of others, who definitely regard it as a valuable possession. Having a different style just means to be oneself. Naturally, I possess my own writing skills and so do you. The problem with those ‘style robs’ is that either they are not liking and appreciating the writing skills that they possess or they’re just not aware that there’s a skill within which needs some air and space to come out.

Questions come to the statement of “being Unique” in the form of – “I write tutorials and guides. How can I be unique here?” The answer to this is pretty much simple, and is explained in the elucidation below.


The only solution to becoming a better, or rather a unique and self-esteemed writer is to be natural, and write exactly the way you are in real life. Being natural means being you. If you believe that your attitude and/or way of speaking to others in real life is not attractive, you first need to change it. Unquestionably, you’ll steadily develop the best-possible writing skills you could ever have.

An example, or a comparison for the ‘tutorials and guides’ question above could be – Imagine that you have to write a complete guide on a computer game. Leave the content aside for now, and just focus on the title of your guide. You search for the guide(s) that have been written by others and the most common title you come across is “(Game Name) – A Complete Guide”. Now a best solution, just for your guide’s title could be – “Master (Game Name) In 30 Mins!”. Even though there are hundreds of short/long guides written on the same game, you can yet be unique in your own way and attract enormous crowds – that’s the best thing about being a natural person, and hence a natural writer.