I scan Quora on the regular. I see the same questions asked again and again. Sometimes, pros like myself answer said questions. But I see the same bloggers ask the same questions after an experienced, pro blogger like me answers the questions with proven, sound blogging advice. Imagine that; you get sound advice from someone who knows how to succeed and who has helped bloggers succeed for years. But you ignore the advice? Why? You do not trust pro blogging advice. Pro blogging advice sounds too easy too follow; must not be legit. Pro blogging advice sounds too difficult to follow; too much hard work. Pro blogging advice is not for you. Pro blogging advice sounds like it won’t work for you because you are too lazy.

Easier ways must exist. No way does a pro blogger expect you to work for free, for 5000 hours, to increase your skills and exposure. Who do these pros think you are? Some blogging machine? As if you do not have a life? You are busy! You have a full time job, kids and a busy social schedule. How in the heck does this pro expect you to actually put in work? Madness.

Believe it or not, most aspiring bloggers ignore pro blogging, trusted, proven advice because most aspiring bloggers fight the advice that would free all aspiring bloggers. Ego acts silly like that. Ego wants easy, comfortable ways to succeed. If a pro offers sound advice not easy to follow, and not comfortable to follow, your ego finds every reason under the sun to poke holes in the advice, making it Swiss-cheese thin and filled with holes, invaliding the advice so you can move on…..and continue to fail.

Do you feel stuck with your blog right now? First off, buy my eBook. Then, assess how often you completely ignore advice from established, pro bloggers. If you vibe super low from energies of fear, lack and limitation, you cannot be an energetic match for advice offered from loving, abundant, limitless pro bloggers. Being blind to awesome blogging advice serves as a chief cause of blogging failure. I often advise folks through my blog and videos who ignore the blog and video content because their fears and pains makes them resist, reject, or to become completely blind to good advice. Do you see why I implore you to manage your energy every single day? Nobody gets away with ignoring their energy and succeeds because as within, as without.

Bloggers succeed for a clear, definite reason; their advice works like a charm if you follow their insights persistently, patiently and generously. Trust these folks. Be with their advice. Listen to them; pros know. Pros know specifically what they are talking about. If I tell you blogging is about creating and connecting generously, it is because I have 20,000 hours of blogging experience and I know I succeeded and other bloggers succeed because all of us created and connected generously. Trust people who walked the path before you. Buy into their success-promoting advice and you position yourself to succeed, too.