Should you post on your blog or just guest post on other blogs?

This is a question a lot of bloggers ask these days.

A lot of big bloggers suggest that you should guest post on other blogs. But when should you do so and what should you look for when you guest post.

This is all what will be covered today. SO make sure to continue reading.

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Why to guest post on other blogs?

There is a lot of reasons why people guest post on popular blogs. But these are the most common reasons why people guest post.

1- Getting Traffic:

Getting Traffic through Guest Blog PostingThis is the most common reason why people guest post.

When you guest post on popular blogs, you will have a link added in the by-line that links back to your blog.

When people like your post they go and check your blog to get more.

Yes, only part of who read your post go to your blog. But those are enough to pumb your traffic.

That’s why if you will guest post for traffic, search for blogs that have more than 10,000 subscribers.

Also, when popular blogs link to you, this will help you to get more traffic from search engines. Because an authority blog links to you.

And Google really love these blogs. That’s why your rankings will be far away better with these links.

2- Get some repetition:

Are there any blogs in your industry that are known and credible? Is this blog known by most of your audience?

If yes, then you should guest post there to get some repetition.

If you want to prove yourself to your readers and you want to increase your credibility, then you should guest post on the blogs that are credible and known in your industry.

You can do it for just one time, just to say that you did it and to prove your credibility.

3- Build some relationships:

There is no better than having a relationship with bloggers.

They can help you launch your product, introduce you to their followers, or simply make introductions to big bloggers.

This is considered the main reason why many people blog these days. It’s considered as the most important reason to guest post on other blogs.

You may need to guest post more than a time to build a strong relationship. But this will pay off later.

You can also guest post for all the reasons at one time.

When to guest post?

I showed you the most important reasons to guest post. Here is the conditions that you need to follow to know why to guest post and to know if you need to do so.

1- You have less than 100 visitors a day.

If yes, then you should guest post to get traffic.

Find popular blogs that have more than 10,000 subscribers and then pitch them an idea of a guest post.

2- You need to build some credibility:

If you have some traffic but you want to increase the trust momentum between you and your audience and to prove your credibility, then find blogs that are known and credible and then try to guest post there even for one time.

3- You need some relationships with other bloggers.

You have traffic and you have credibility but you want some relationships with other bloggers that can help you promote your products and introduce you to their audience. Try to guest post on a blog more than a time and try to make your post on of their popular posts.

Like This, you will have great relationship with popular bloggers.

If you don’t need any of the above (Traffic, credibility, relationships) then congratulations, you can post on your blog and your audience can help you spread the word.

Last Words:

Identify whether you are going to guest post or just post on your blog.

Also, Identify the reason why you want to guest post. I’m sure this will help you as you go.

Please Tell us in the comment your decision and tell me what frustrates you most? I’ll try to help you.

Wait for the next posts, you will know how to pitch big bloggers and how to build relationships with them.