Which Bootstrap WordPress Themes are a Good Choice?

By: | Updated: March 25, 2021

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Bootstrap is recognized as one of the more popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks. This is because it cuts down on the amount of time it takes to both design and develop a website or blog. Within this piece, you are going to learn more about some of the best Bootstrap WordPress Themes that work well with Bootstrap.

Why Do Bootstrap and WordPress Belong Together?

WordPress is tricky enough to figure out on its own. Bootstrap WordPress Themes is a breath of fresh air because it works right alongside WordPress and you can learn how to use the two of them at the same time. You are not going to have to waste hours trying to figure out your CSS. Everything is responsive and very easy to use.
Bootstrap is also low-key which makes it have more options when it comes to themes. It naturally fits so many different WordPress themes and gives theme developers a lot of flexibility.

Bootstrap WordPress Themes


The Sparkling Bootstrap is the name of a WordPress theme created by Colorlib. It is very clean and responsive. It is great for magazine sites and blogs. It has over 400,000 downloads. Gravity Forms, Contact Forms, and W3 Total Cache are just a few of the plugins that play nicely with this gorgeous theme. There is also a built in support for Font Awesome icons and an infinite amount of plugins for you to try out.

Zerif Lite


Zerif Lite is the name of a very straightforward single page theme made by Themelsle. It is ideal for anyone who is looking to put together a slick and simple website. This theme is popular among agencies and service based companies.
By default, it is fully responsive because it is a Bootstrap-based theme. This means it will be easy to use and easy to figure out. You are not going to find yourself frustrated with this option. There is a premium version of this one available too if you decide you like the basic version.

The Virtue Theme


The Virtue Theme was created by Kadence Themes. It brags about having over 800,000 downloads and a very solid five star rating since it was created and released to the public. Like all Bootstrap themes, this theme is also fully responsive, easy to use, and easy to customize. You can dive right into this theme without having to know tons about the core CSS. This particular theme also works great in Spanish, Russian, and Italian.

Should You Be Using Bootstrap?

Front-end designing and frameworks have progressed a lot in the last five years. The creation of Bootstrap has played a huge role in the progression and development. Having a solid foundation such as Bootstrap to build your website on is only going to benefit you in the long run.
Keep in mind, this list only begins to scratch the surface on uncovering ideal themes for using Bootstrap. With such a convenient and easy to use framework, it should come as no shock that there are a ton more.


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