Which BuddyPress Plugins are the Best for Social Networking?

By: | Updated: March 25, 2021

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BuddyPress plugins is the first and best choice if you have an interest in embedding social networking into your WordPress website. It comes with all the essential features you need including profiles, activity streams, and groups. However, you might want to dig in with a more personalized experience for the users. If you do, you are going to need to add a few plugins to the basic package.
Within this piece, you are going to take a look at some of the better plugins that can personalize the experience BuddyPress provides to your WordPress website.

BuddyPress Plugins-Live Chat Options


Live Chat is an opportunity for you to interact with the visitors on your website in real-time. You can answer questions and provide them with additional information about your website. It gives you a chance to humanize your website by having someone there to talk to your visitors. The key is just having people sitting on the live chat to answer the visitors when they come in to chat.
The beauty of Live Chat is that every interaction you have with a visitor will be saved in a transcript. So, you will be able to look at it later for your own personal uses. This is a great way for you to train other people on how to interact with visitors, if you plan on setting something up so there is always someone on the website to talk to people.

iFly Chat


This is the name of a cloud-based chat plugin that can be integrated with BuddyPress. It offers quick loading chats and other ways for people to interact with your website. People can connect via group chats by creating a chat room. There is also the opportunity for a private or public pop-up chat as well. In addition to having the usual text and emoticons, your users can add URLS, videos, and pictures to the chat with this plugin.
This plugin is installed just the same as any other plugin. But, you will need to create an account with the website in order to obtain a key to activate the plugin on your WordPress website. The free version is only going to let you have a limited number of chat rooms. Most people who use this amazing BuddyPress Plugins and will upgrade to at least the basic plan where you can have 60 people in an unlimited number of chat rooms.

Super Socializer


This plugin is ideal if you want to integrate social media options into your website. It is a great option if you think you are going to be producing viral content.
Social media and social sharing are a huge part of the World Wide Web. You will quickly learn a large chunk of your traffic comes through social sharing on Twitter and on Facebook. Making your website itself have more of a social networking feel is only going to make the website more appealing to the people. Just make sure you have someone monitoring the chat for trolls and vulgar content you do not want your viewers to see.


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