Which Call to Action Statements are the Most Powerful?

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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A call to action is vital to your website success. Without a great call to action, your visitors may leave without taking any type of action. However, with the right call to action statement, you can increase your conversions and profits. Here are some of the most powerful call to action phrases you can use on your website.

Download our Exclusive Guide

People love something that’s exclusive. It makes them feel special and this phrase provides a very powerful call to action if you are giving away a guide. It can be used in a sidebar ad, at the bottom of blog posts, on landing pages and in many other ways to get visitors to take action.

Be One of the First to Try our Newest Product

Another thing people love is being the first to have something. Think about it this way, every single time Apple brings out a new iPhone people race to the store to camp out, just to be the first to get the new iPhone.

People do this with all kinds of things and it works on a website, too. If you are releasing a new product, use this call to action statement to get visitors to take action.

Click Here Now

It’s simple, yet very powerful. When you use these three little words, people will actually click the link and go to wherever you want them to go. Believe it or not, this simple call to action station is one of the most powerful you will find.

Take Advantage of Our Exclusive Offer

Not only does this call to action statement tell people what to do, but it also creates a sense of urgency. Since the offer is exclusive, people will understand it won’t last forever. This powerful statement will get people to take action.

Join Other People Just Like You

Consumers don’t like to feel like they are alone, especially if they suffer from a health issue or are dealing with some type of problem. If you tell them to join other people just like them, they will do it because they want to feel like they are not alone. This statement can be very powerful when used properly.

Other powerful call to action statements to consider using include:

  • Attend Our Next Event
  • Get Helpful Info Sent Directly to your Inbox
  • Go Here Now
  • Take your Free Tour Here
  • Claim your Free Guide by Clicking Here Now

When you weave these types of call to action statements into your content, you can convert more visitors into actual buyers or subscribers. They can be used on landing pages, in blog posts, through sidebar advertising or in any other way you see fit.

by Brett Helling
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