Which Free Author Bio Box WordPress Plugins are the Best?

By: | Updated: March 25, 2021

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Several options are good for free author bio box plugins provided by WordPress. Individuals like to learn more about the author on a blog, even if it is more than one author. More can be learned of the concepts used by the author if the reader knows the author’s point of view and ideas on different topics.

The Process

You must first know how WordPress handles user profiles before you display author information on the site. If you are the administrator, you must first visit the Users/Your Profile page. A profile link will be visible when others link-in with the WordPress administrator bar.
With the use of a profile screen, you can change your name and the settings. You may also add more information about yourself. This list will aid you in the process such as how to link to your company website or your social media profile. A plugin is the easiest way for a beginner to make these additions.

Simple Author Box


The Simple Author Box plugin will aid in simplifying the process of adding the author’s bio information to the WordPress posts. After it is activated, the user’s profile will add the social profile field. The information can be added by each author on the site and have a visual social icon along with the author’s bio. Various fonts, styles, and colors can be used along with the author’s photo.

WP About Author


A simple settings page is included with this plugin. This will enable the author to add social profiles, and photo styles. You can also display the author bio box on front page, archive, and in RSS feeds. The WP About Author plugin works well with the Simple Local Avatars Plugin.

Fancier Author Box


The Fancier Author Box shows the last post made by the author as a separate tab as well as the author bio box with social buttons. You have full control of the author bio box with the plugin settings page. The author can turn off the author bio section because of the plugin’s ability to disable the author bio box on user profiles.

Sexy Author Bio


The Sexy Author Bio plugin is used with flat social media icons and can be displayed with a bolder font size for a nicer appearance. You can use the setting’s page to adjust the avatar size, background, borders, and link colors.

Co-Author Plus


Many times, multiple authors will contribute to an article, such as magazine sites and multi-author blogs. Unfortunately by default, multiple authors cannot be credited on a post. It is great to know Co-Author Plus enables this to happen with the WordPress site. The plugin does not come with the author information box. You will have to modify the template tags and theme files. A special guide will show how this works with WordPress.

Author Bio Box


This plugin has the basic options necessary to add social profiles, configure colors, and adjust the avatar size. Author Box is simple to use.

Author Box Ultimate


The Author Box Ultimate plugin offers different background image options so you can use different themes or combined styles to see which one is perfect for your project/blog. The plugin setting page has several sections. You will click on the Content tab to enable it for pages and posts, or you will not know why the author box is not showing up on the site.
Hopefully, this information will aid you in your decision for which author bio box plugin is the best choice for your WordPress blog. The choice is up to you, as any of these plugins will give you a great looking and very functional author bio box for your WordPress website.


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