Which Free User Management WordPress Plugins are the Best?

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Managing a multi-user WordPress website on your own can be a bear, especially if you’re dealing with a lot of users. Luckily, WordPress is built with a user management system. But sometimes the “from the factory” build isn’t quite as efficient as it could be. Thankfully, there are a number of User Management WordPress Plugins all designed to meet specific needs. If you’re looking to improve user management, here are the top five plugins to check out:

User Management WordPress Plugins

WordPress has standard user roles built in, roles that can prove restrictive as your user base grows. The Capability Manager Enhanced plugin grants the ability to create customized user roles and edit the capability of standard WordPress roles.
Say you want to add an editor to your roles, someone who can edit, publish, and edit published posts with the ability to delete posts. Using this plugin, you can add exactly what you need.

WP Idle Logout

We all do it; we log into an account and then walk away from the computer to tackle whatever curve ball the kids, the dog, or life just threw our way. Inactive and logged in users can generate a hijacking threat. You can protect your WordPress website with the WP Idle Logout plugin.
Once a user has been inactive for a given time period, they will be automatically logged out due to inactivity. Then, they can safely log back in once they’ve tackled that curve ball without leaving your website vulnerable to attack.

Cimy User Extra Fields

The more users you’re managing, the more important profile information becomes. It’s used for sorting, categorizing, and quickly finding what you need. Unfortunately, the basic WordPress user profile is just that, basic.
You can expand the fields in a given user profile with the Cimy User Extra Fields plugin. These fields can be completed when registering as a new user or by later editing the profile.

New User Approve

If you’ve opened your WordPress website for user registration, then anyone can register. This can lead to an unwanted (and ungodly) buildup of spam. Instead of wading through the aftermath, be proactive with the New User Approve plugin. It allows you to moderate new user registrations before an active profile is created. You can approve or deny as needed in the admin area without any spammer gaining access to your website.

Peter’s Login Redirect

There’s nothing worse than a clunky interface where a newly registered user is dropped to some page they aren’t expecting. In the time it takes them to fumble around for the page they need, productivity is negatively affected. You can solve this problem with the Peter’s Login Redirect plugin. Simply activate the plugin and set the page you want users to land on after registration.

Choosing the Best WordPress Plugins

Managing a WordPress website takes time. Plugins can save you time and automate thousands of actions across single and multi-user sites, but choosing the best is the challenge. These are but five of the best free user management WordPress plugins. As you research more, be sure they are well reviewed to avoid any dangerous or malicious plugins.

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