Which Free WordPress Themes Work Best for Freelancers?

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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Freelancers need to showcase work effectively to make a good impression. The themes on this list provide an elegant, clean style to display writing or digital content and display images prominently. The themes support all post styles so you can easily display your work with impressive images for the visitors. The themes are free and are great if you are on a tight budget.

WordPress Themes for freelancers

Matheson has big headlines with clean topography, and a layout that places your work up front. It is combined with the Jetpack plugin, and themes that will allow you to display galleries. May customized options are available, including a thread comment feature and sticky posts.


Syntax is a professionally designed theme, especially for writers. The theme has separator bars to elevate its theme and add elegance to its simple design. It has a one-column theme with several styling options so you can customize the site.


Match has larger fonts to display clearly your writing, and a large front page for the featured image as well as thumbnails galleries. Customizing includes sticky posts, threaded comments, and awesome font icons. The clean/simple design is great for wedding websites or any other purpose you desire.


Aquarius is excellent for personal blogging with a few customization options. One-column layout will provide ample space for images and text as well as a sticky post option.


Story is another personal theme with color customization options for you to adjust the theme to your specific style or preferences. Threaded comments are included, and featured images are displayed larger than most themes with a mixture of serif and sans-serif fonts for a personal touch and appearance.


Intergalactic features images and posts like no other with each post featuring images in full-width along a large title and button. You can include viewable gallery images in a light box when Jetpack is enabled. If you are searching for a good first impression, this theme will provide you with standard theme options with a few tweaks, but the theme is great out of the box.


Pinboard is professional and elegant with a masonry grid and clear fonts. It can display sticky posts, galleries, and threaded comments. The theme has plenty of options for customization, so let your imagination flow.


Klasik has a professionally clean theme with six widget units for the front page to help display your work. It has a full-width slider with animated captions. The theme is better suited for the business viewpoint of the freelance world environment.

Metro CreativeX

Metro CreativeX is based on a black background with colorful theme options. Each post offers a special title background color that will make the information stand out on the site.


Betsy has content set to align on the left side of the page with a full page background featuring the image, focusing on the focus of your chosen topic. The blog posts pages are displayed in masonry-style with above average size thumbnails. The main page background is still visible but is darkened to make the images and text easily viewed. You will be able to include basic styling options and sticky posts to achieve your special style.

With this list of options you should be able to find which WordPress theme will best fit your special freelance writing needs. Make sure you demo a few WordPress themes before you choose the right one for your needs. If you are a beginner and you haven’t found the right hosting yet, start with FatCow Hosting. They provide the best option for WordPress users. WordPress Themes for freelancers is freely available without any issues of spending money on getting set up.

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