Which Google Chrome Extensions Should WordPress Users Install?

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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This is a list of the best Google Chrome Extensions that best work with WordPress. Free extensions and others are listed to enhance styling/design, blogging/writing, performance/development, and productivity/organization. Each of these areas will improve the efficiency and workflow to make all tasks quick in WordPress.

Google Chrome Extensions

WordPress Admin Bar Control

This extension is a life-saver because it will hide the admin bar when you click the icon next to the address bar. It is a speedy tool to see what you are missing, without having to log out or open another window.

WP Write

If you have a post and cannot wait; you can post them from Google Chrome Extensions without logging into the site or having the need to navigate to the visual editor. The draft can be saved, or it can be published but it is just one way to achieve quick access.

WordPress Site Manager

Once the login information is entered, you can access the stored sites with this extension. Main pages can be edited, sites can be added to the network, and you can make adjustments to the theme. Each change is organized on the page to make the edits and amendments quicker.


Grammarly is one extension that will become addictive. You will not write a single sentence with grammar or spelling errors. A green underline will indicate a grammar error, and a red line will indicate spelling errors. Grammarly will work anywhere you need improvements, whether it is your email, copy, or pages; you will know if something is not correct. A premium subscription is available outside of the Chrome extension.

Style and Design

WordPress Style Editor

Tweaks can be made with one-click using this extension, to your style.css file while you are viewing the public facing site. You click the save style.css changes and it is complete. All you have to do is be logged into the admin dashboard. Big or small, the changes are made quickly, so you can fix them immediately.


ColorZilla makes it simple to add the color and theme styles you desire for your site. You use the hexadecimal code from the site you may want from the Internet for any color you desire. After a fast installation of this extension, you can click the browser and select the color you want. You can check the color picker history if you want to reselect another color.

Productivity and Organization


Asana allows you to pursue the web and enter the site you are viewing as a task. You can assign workspaces, team members, and descriptions to keep you focused and organized on your tasks.

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper extension enables you to save simplified clips or entire web pages to your chosen notebooks. You can take screenshots or add notes to a section. This allows you to track all inspirations/ideas as they occur.

The Site’s Performance


SimilarWeb installs quickly allowing you to visit a site and click the icon browser to view the traffic stats and search engine ranking. You are then able to compare competition to find out what improvements can be implemented or just admire its success.


The categories listed at app.elemetry allow you to test your site’s speed after it is installed. The categories are listed with the total load-times clearly shown. This is especially essential when the site is under development.

WordPress Development


WPSNIFFER will detect the WordPress theme and is an easy way to find eye-catching themes as you locate them.


Appspector, after installation, is an icon located to the right of the address bar that will allow you to see what kind of content management system (CMS), Framework, and JavaScript libraries a site is using when the page is visited.

These are only a few of the sites offered, but this gives you a bit of information to make the decision simpler.

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