Which New Features Coming in WordPress 4.4 are the Coolest?

By: | Updated: December 3, 2015

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WordPress is the most popular platform for building a website. It offers a lot of valuable tools, which allows sites to be created without coding. The newest release, WordPress 4.4, will be launching soon, and is much anticipated. Both developers and amature website builders have a variety of features to look forward to.

What’s New?


There are new features being added, as well as old ones being updated. This robust platform will easily remain a favorite among those designing a website.

Rest API

Perhaps the most sought after feature, Rest API will combine with Core. However, this will be completed in a two part phase. While the infrastructure is complete, the endpoints still remain unchanged. This will play to the favor of plugin and theme authors, while developers remain less excited about its current status. API will be able to be used in plugins and themes, but developers will still need to seek support. It is suggested that the endpoints will come with the next update of WordPress.

Twenty Sixteen Default Theme


This is a new default theme being offered. It is simplistic in nature, has stylish font, and a robust structure. The theme will integrate well for developers who need a backdrop to build a custom site. Twenty Sixteen can only be used with WordPress 4.4.

Responsive Images

This feature will allow responsive images within the core. All sizes will be included in the srcset attribute, which will automatically pick the right image to use. Having this feature will optimize loading speeds and save on bandwidth.

oEmbed Provider

oEmbed has been utilized for some time, and allows you to add content from other sources. The new update will grant others the permission to embed your content. You will be able to embed post on your site by adding the URL by itself, or situated between <embed width=”300″ height=”150″></embed> tags.

Taxonomy Roadmap

The way you use terms and taxonomies continues to improve. They can now have metadata, which allows the use of taxonomies to be more efficient. You can control your meta by using add_term_meta (), update_term_meta (), delete_term_meta (), and get_term_meta ().



With the introduction of Rest API, the focus is not heavily placed on comments any longer. The new release of WordPress streamlines the comment system, which allows everything to run more smoothly. You will also see a number of new restrictions in the comment query. For those who use comments on a regular bases, you will need to look over the updates.

Want WordPress 4.4 Now?

You can try out the new release by going to the WordPress Beta Tester plugin. Each night there will be an update conducted from the WordPress menu. This version is powerful, but it is still being developed. Therefore, you will want to be cautious when using it. It is not recommended that you use the Beta version on a site that is active. You are sure to be happy with all the new changes occurring in WordPress 4.4.


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