Which Social Networks are Very Powerful, Yet Less Known for Bloggers?

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More social networks are available to bloggers; many of which little information has been heard of or used. You need to be sure you have one that will suit your industry or one suitable for your specific blog topic. It has to reach your target audience and work for your core message.


Kingged is a great tool to promote all your blog posts throughout your community; no matter what your specific niche entails. It has the capability to drive engagement and more traffic than any other network, despite its size and niche concentration. The moderators take an active and direct role to satisfy each member on its base. Many have raved over it as the most effective blogging social media network.

Social Networks-DeviantART

DeviantArt is a superb choice for promoting artwork, short stories, and many others. Some of the categories include digital and traditional art, photography, literature, motion books, cartoons and comics, fan art, and many more. You should check out how many ways DevianART can help with your blogging needs. Please feel free to Visit online: http://www.deviantart.com.


InfoBarrel helps communities boost traffic and encourages its users to post helpful content that may be useful for its blogging readers. If the blogging is done for a passive income, InfoBarrel could be the right fit. There is a wide variety of topics to write about, and the community can discuss and share content posted by others. You can also vote to open more new opportunities with fellow bloggers on the network. Others have raved over the great paying entry level digital marketing jobs found using InfoBarrels as a networking tool.

GNU Social

GNU Social is a kind of open source similar to Twitter, in the same idea that you can self-host your own instance. For example, (social.yourdomain.com) can be maintained as your login identity across all federated networks.
After you begin running an account on a federated network (your choice) and start blog promotional posting, the information will be visible to the communities across all the federated networks.


A way of sharing your blog posts has never been simpler. People have stated, Scoop.It is a great content (idea) generator and social networks. With content marketing, you are placing your information in a great place to be shared with other networks.


Quibb is a great choice to confront information of an analytical data type into a social environment. You can use the Quibb platform to increase the community around your blog. Other people have reported how much the social network is good for technical people. The vibe is above the board. Quibb requires membership and offers a 41% approval rate. Maybe that is you? It does prove it is a selective network.


BizSugar is a great traffic building network for business bloggers toward the videos, posts, and other content as well as connect and blog with other networks within the same industry or niche.


Shared projects involving brainstorming, interviews, or media and forums will be perfect for MyBlogU. This is a smaller community but has earned a spot in the column of being a powerful social network.
Maybe this list will help you decide which one best suits your style.

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