Which WordPress Plugins are Best for Contact Forms?

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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A contact form allows you to give visitors a way to submit information to you. This helps to eliminate the need to publish your email address on your website.

WordPress provides plenty of contact form plugins perfect for your needs. However, there are only a handful known as the top choices. Here’s a look at a few of the best contact form plugins for WordPress.

Contact Form 7

A very simple and free choice for your contact form, the Contact Form 7 plugin will provide a good option. It’s customizable and flexible for those needing to mark it up some. The form supports CAPTCHA, Ajax-Powered submitting and Akismet spam filtering.

Gravity Forms

Maybe the best plugin for any type of form, Gravity Forms provides everything you need. It’s widely popular and used by many very large websites. You can use this plugin to add a contact form, create surveys, create a web directory, generate leads and so much more.

The one downfall for Gravity Forms is the cost. It’s not free and it can be a bit expensive for some. However, it gives you premium support and it can be used on multiple sites.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms provides a great choice for your WordPress contact form and other forms. You can quickly create excellent forms for your website without any issue. It’s very easy to set up and you can get your first contact form done in just minutes.

This plugin does cost $47 for a single site license and $117 for unlimited licenses. However, the add-ons make it even more powerful and they come with both standard and unlimited plans. You can integrate Trillio, Mailchimp, Basecamp and many other programs with Formidable Forms Pro.

Ninja Forms

A free plugin with premium features, Ninja Forms provides a very interactive form. The base plugin is provided free of charge, but you can upgrade for even more option. When you upgrade, you will be able to manage your campaign, use Freshbooks, add SMS notifications and so much more.

Fast Secure Contact Form

The Fast Secure Contact Form plugin provides a great way to add forms to your website free of charge. This plugin is very powerful and provides the ability to block all automated spammers. You don’t even have to mess with complicated templates.

These are the very best choices for a contact form plugin for WordPress. If you want the best, you may have to pay for a license, but there are also two great free choices on this list if you’re on a budget.

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