Which WordPress Plugins are Best for Managing a Multi-Author Blog?

By: | Updated: March 25, 2021

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WordPress is an excellent choice for Multi-Author Blog. The process is hectic without the use of effective plugins to manage the blog.

Multi-Author Blog


WordPress 2.0 introduced the concept of user roles to perform specific tasks, more commonly called capabilities. Plugins enable you to modify the built-in capabilities of the user role in WordPress. The author is allowed to add posts and publish them. A plugin enables other users within the author user role to add and edit information to the post but not publish them.
A customer user role can be created with a custom capability set; which is useful if you are building a content manager system (CMS) for a client. You may also want to add custom-user roles to the site with limited capabilities.

Co-Authors Plus


This is beneficial if you have multiple authors working on the same article. Co-Author plugins allow you to show something such as being claimed to be written by the Editorial Staff. You may also link co-authors to a specific individual profile.

Restrict Author Posting


Categories can be assigned to authors with this plugin to limit access to only the category the author will be writing about. For example, a fashion designer could only access that particular section.


Authors do not usually have permission to edit an article that has already been published. Revisionary will make this possible but nothing can get past the approval of the person in charge, you. This will allow the authors to edit and make the necessary changes, but the changes must be submitted to you for final approval.

Simple Local Avatars


Gravatar displays user avatars in user profiles and comment sections. Some users may not have this setup for an email address or prefer to use another image on the author profile section. Local Avatars plugin will allow users to upload pictures on WordPress.

Author Avatars List


A shortcode is used on WordPress to display the author avatar anywhere. A widget can be added to your sidebar with a list of authors on your site with the appropriate avatar. It will also work well with the simple local avatars plugin.

Edit Flow


WordPress offers this complete editorial work-flow management system. Editorial comments can be made on the drafts of the post, and will be visible only to the post editor. Editorial process can be improved because you can create custom post statuses and additional reminders to each section. You can easily manage your schedule and observe the progress with this system.

Author Spotlight (Widget)


This widget is a fantastic way to display the author’s bio on the sidebar instead of below the post. The plugin displays the bio with social links by detecting the author’s name on the post.

Content Progress


This is a great editorial plugin that allows you to add flags, quick notes, and see how the content is progressing.

Error Notification

Mistakes are made when a blog is popular; and users may indicate an error was made in content submitted. This is a simple process, error notification that makes it easy for you to see the error after the user has selected the error in a report to you.
With the above list, you should be able to manage your WordPress blog with much more efficiency. Happy Blogging!


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