Which WordPress Plugins are Essential for Freelancers and Small Businesses?

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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One of the hardest parts of Internet-based business is creating a website without limitations, one allowing you to work without any hindrance to productivity. An efficient, attractive, and unique website that is easy to manage and update is a tall order, but it’s an order you can fill using WordPress. Let’s look at a few of which WordPress plugins are essential for freelancers and small businesses.

Starbox – The Author Box for Humans

Whether you’re running a multi-author website or a single person show, Starbox gives you the options needed to get readers involved with you as an influencer. It offers a ton of options for showing a professional, stunning author box with your posts.

You can select where and how it displays as well as a display of the author’s latest posts. Instead of the bland, standard author profile that you’d rather skim versus read, Starbox makes you want to click through to the author’s profile. It includes easy link ups to the author’s social media profiles via a rather sleek set of icons.

Freelancers and Small Businesses

Nothing sells better than a limited time offer. The very phrase encourages impulse buyers to act, and if you accompany a limited time offer with valuable content, even the less than impulsive will be motivated to take advantage of the deal.

The Business Deal Countdown plugin offers a configurable timer, but it’s not your run-of-the-mill countdown clock. You can place this timer on any page or post of your website. It will count down to the end of your offer while also making the page unavailable once the timer hits zero. You can setup the plugin to redirect users to any other page, such as an end of sale message or your next big promotion.

BigContact Contact Page

Potential customers want ease of access. So when they want to contact you, they want an easy “do it now” means of doing so. BigContact is the WordPress plugin that caters to this exact need.

Equipped with the standards you expect from a contact form creator, BigContact also offers the options to display your operating hours, directions, and other pertinent information. Most impressive, it allows the user to create an appointment form so your website’s visitors can instantly schedule an appointment.


WordPress has a standard search box built in for your use, but it’s extremely basic and not very impressive. In fact, when searching for an exact term in part of a post’s title, the standard WordPress search won’t usually put that post at the top of your search results.

Eliminate the need to scroll with Relevanssi. This better search box is a plugin made to list search results by relevancy, not just the most recently published posts. It has the ability to search for phrases, keywords, and quotes. You can even customize the excerpts that appear for the resulting posts.

These are just four of the essential plugins every freelancers and small businesses should start using WordPress . There are even more available. Just be sure they come from reliable, trustworthy developers before installing them.

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