Which WordPress Plugins for Featured Images are the Best Choices?

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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Using the featured image option within your WordPress posts is a great way to draw attention to your blog. These images can be tied to a slider or one of the many other functions found within your theme or added with a plugin within WordPress. Here’s a look at a few of the top plugins you can use with your featured images in WordPress.

Quick Featured Images

Quick Featured Images is a free to use plugin with plenty of great features. You will be able to edit your featured images in bulk with the option to replace, remove or add. This plugin will also allow you to set a default image or make it so the plugin uses the first images in the post as the feature image.

Featured Image Column

If you want to easily see whether a post has a featured image or doesn’t have one, the Featured Image Column will make it very easy. This plugin will allow you to add a column to the “All Posts” page showing a thumbnail for each post with a featured image. You can quickly see if you have one set or if you missed it on some of your posts.


Maybe the best slider plugin you will find for WordPress, Soliloquy will allow you to add content to a featured slider very easily. Once you set a featured image, it will automatically add the image into the slider, along with the title of the post and an excerpt.

Default Featured Image

Displaying a Default Featured Image isn’t possible without adding code to WordPress. However, with this plugin, you won’t need to edit your code. Instead, just add in this plugin and you will be able to display a default image as your featured image, when necessary.

Multiple Post Thumbnails

The Multiple Post Thumbnails plugin for WordPress will allow you to add more than one featured image or post thumbnail to each of your blog posts. This will make it possible to display multiple featured images instead of just one.

Require Featured Image

When you add the Require Featured Image plugin to your WordPress website, it will allow you to ensure a featured image is set. If you don’t set one, you cannot publish the post. This is great for keeping you accountable or for sites with multiple authors.

These are the absolute best WordPress plugins you will find to enhance your featured images. Use them all or choose the ones you need to make your WordPress site even better.

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