Which WordPress Plugins for Popular Posts are the Best?

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This list should help make your decision easier as to which product will work best for your Popular Posts. These popular WordPress Plugins will help you get your website up and running.

Popular WordPress Plugins

WordPess Popular Posts is presumably one of the most popular posts plugins. It comes loaded with a well-liked widget so you may add them at various widget-ready areas on the site. Your display can become customized with your popular posts. You can choose the categories, post types, time range, authors, and many other features. You may choose the thumbnail size and post it as part of the display.
You can receive directions on how to find help under the FAQ tab, and continue to the options listed under the tools. You can use the widget to place Popular Reviews, Popular Posts, and many other themes. Unfortunately, the default generated list is not very stylish; but you can adjust that with your custom styles. The plugin can create two extra tables in the database to store the popular post’s data and cache. Some may consider this a disadvantage.

Top 10 – Popular Posts

Top 10 – Popular Posts plugin for WordPress is also popular. The features are similar to WordPress Popular Posts, but with more features. The highly configurable widget offered by Top 10 can feature your best posts additionally on the sidebar. Regardless of the name, the plugin can display many popular posts. You can show, the author, post views, excerpt and post thumbnails.
Top 10 does not offer a choice of post type in the widget settings as did WordPress Popular Posts. However, you can choose the type by going to the plugin’s settings page located under Top 10 Settings. With its aggressive caching you will be satisfied with its overall performance.

nrelate Most Popular

This WorldPress plugin displays and indexes your most popular posts using the servers at nrelate. Your thumbnails, time ranges, excerpts, custom post types, and many other items are supported on your WordPress sites. Several built-in templates are available, offering varied layouts. Your posts will automatically show up on your home page, on single posts, and even archives.
Content can also be filtered out if you do not want to display it in one of the popular posts. Once the plugin is set up; approximately two hours later you will be able to index the site and start displaying your posts. With all these great facts, you must know it is an excellent choice on shared hosting. One downfall is that a third party service is also viewing your information.

Popularity Posts Widget

This is a simpler form of the popular WordPress Plugins and does not come with a dedicated settings page. However, for a beginner, it could be perfect because you just drag and drop the widget to configure the settings. A category filter is included as well as an option to select the time range, comments counts, and post views. You may also change and post the size of the thumbnails. The simple list can also be a time saver if you just need a quick display or a simple list of the popular content.

Popular Widget

This is a great choice because not only does it display your most popular posts but it will display the most recent ones. The most comment ones with be tagged with a neat tabber. The settings of the widget are set into different sections so you can decide how to adjust them to best meet your needs.
With all this information, your choices should be evident as to which product will best meet your requirements. Any of the above WordPress plugins will do the job for your WordPress website.

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