Which WordPress Shortcode Plugins are the Best?

By: | Updated: April 5, 2021

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WordPress Shortcode plugins provide an easy way for a website owner to add customized content to their website. Whether you are looking to add buttons, tabs, or something else, shortcodes make the process quick and easy.
It was just six years ago during the release of WordPress 2.5 that the shortcode API was released to WordPress users. Here are a few really awesome (and free) WordPress shortcode plugins any website owner can benefit from installing.

WordPress Shortcode Plugins


Shortcodes Ultimate is recognized as one of the more popular WordPress shortcode plugins as it has nearly 800,0000 downloads. This shortcode plugin promises to supercharge your WordPress operated website with a huge package of shortcodes to choose from. The reason the plugin is so popular is because it delivers exactly what it promises to deliver.
With this plugin, you can easily create boxes, sliders, buttons, videos, and other elements for your website. Responsive design and CSS are also just a click away.

WordPress Shortcodes


WordPress Shortcodes is another fairly population option with nearly 200,000 downloads. You can create SEO tabs, buttons, author cards, layouts, lists, and so much more. This particular plugin offers 26 different shortcodes to help your website get everything it needs to operate smoothly.

Simple Shortcodes


Simple shortcodes is a popular option for someone who is new to using WordPress or these types of plugins. It is a shortcode collection without all of the fancy bells and whistles you are going to see on some of the other shortcode plugins on this list. This plugin is extremely user-friendly. It will add an additional icon to your visual editor. This icon is going to let you add all sorts of elements such as buttons, columns, notifications, and tabs to your posts. While it was made specifically to use when you are utilizing themes from simplethemes.com, it does work well with themes from other websites as well.



Shortcoder is a dream plugin for someone who likes to customize their own shortcodes. You can use JavaScript and HTML to play around with the pages on your website and create any kind of look you want. This particular plugin is perfect if you are embedding videos (or other media) to your website. It is also great for adding advertisements to your website too.

Easy Bootstrap Shortcode


Easy Bootstrap Shortcode is a plugin that gives you access to more than 500 awesome fonts to consider installing to your website. This makes it the perfect plugin for a designer who wants lots of different font faces to play with.
The only way for a web designer to truly understand what each of these shortcode plugins has to offer their website is to consider installing them and giving them a chance. Fortunately, these are all free plugins you can download and install at any time. If you decide you do not like them or they do not work right with your current theme, you can uninstall them without having to worry about them being a waste of money because you never spent any money on them together.


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