Why Cheap Shared Hosting is Plenty?

By: | Updated: March 28, 2021

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Cheap shared hosting is great to start your website. Other sites will try to talk you into expensive VPS and dedicated server hosting packages that will eat up your budget before you get started. This is simply not necessary unless you have a large amount of technical cheap shared hosting knowledge, you can set up your own databases and have the finances to support such hosting.

Unless you plan to see over 5,000 daily visitors to your site, you can use FatCow for shared hosting and do quite well online. This is a great way to get your first website up and running fast. With the ability to use all the scripts provided, you can use the power of database web hosting without much issue.

Spending more to get what some consider better hosting is not necessary. Sure, it would be nice to be able to afford dedicated hosting, but if you could, you also need to consider whom you will hire to support the server and manage everything for you. With cheap shared web hosting, you don’t have to worry about any of the technical stuff. Just open an account, use the tools provided and start putting up your website.

It really is that simple and with the power and support of a top web hosting company, such as FatCow cheap shared hosting, you can do everything you need. You will get the power of great database web hosting without all the technical skills required to run a dedicated server.

For Linux servers, FatCow hosting is one of the most preferred re-seller and cheap shared hosting company providers. This website hosting company is known to provide top quality web hosting on the Internet. According to many FatCow hosting reviews, many people are impressed on how professional they work with their customers.

FatCow web hosting offers shared and reseller hosting packages and registration of domain services. With all the great features provided by the company, people will never think that their services come in a cheap price. The company made their packages affordable so that it can compete with what the market offers nowadays.

There have been many fat cow reviews that potential customers can read about. Most of the reviews about the company are giving good feedback regarding the services offered by FatCow.

Features of FatCow Cheap Web Hosting

All of the hosting plans offered by FatCow come with all these features:

  • # cPanel Control Panel with phpMyAdmin, Webmail, File Manager, backups, Cron Jobs and much more
  • # Provides traffic statistics (Awstats)
  • # Unlimited domains for life and domain privacy
  • # Unlimited sub domains and parked domains
  • # Ruby on rails
  • # Perl/CGI support
  • # Has Fantastico installer
  • # Unlimited and Remote MySQL Databases
  • # Unlimited e-mail addresses (POP3, IMAP, SMTP), mail forwarding and auto responders
  • # Provides PHP 5
  • # Has easy site builder
  • # Free Auto installers like Forums, Portals, Galleries, Blogs and other scripts
  • # Gives instant activation and free setup
  • # 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • # 30-day money-back guarantee
  • # 24/7 reliable and friendly support by live chat and ticket system

Cheap Shared Hosting-Package Plans

FatCow has been one of the most reliable hosting companies of most online business marketers. They find it easy to work with the management because of the simple, easy-to-understand, and affordable plans that they offer their customers. The shared plans offered by the company are as follows: cheap shared hosting.

The CHEAP Plan

  • # It provides hosting for only one domain.
  • # Has unlimited diskspace and data transfer.
  • # The prices range from $3.15/mo. (12 months to pay)

The Best Cheap Shared Plans

  • # It hosts unlimited domains.
  • # Has unlimited diskspace and data transfer
  • # Provided with an IP address
  • # Has custom name servers
  • # Shell Access (SSH) is provided.
  • # It has a higher site builder.
  • # The prices range from $7.84/month to $10.84/month.

FatCow also offers the reseller hosting plans:

The Starter Reseller Plan

  • # Can host unlimited domains
  • # Provides 50GB of disk space and 500GB for data transfer.
  • # Has billing software free of charge
  • # Allows overselling of the website
  • # Provides private name servers
  • # Has unlimited accounts

The Business Reseller Plan

  • # It can host limitless domains.
  • # It has unlimited disk space and data transfer.
  • # Offers billing software free of charge
  • # Has private name servers
  • # Gives unlimited accounts

All of the plans are eligible for promotions like discount coupons that comes once in a while and can be seen in the company’s website.

Affordable Pricing and Efficient Service Provided

They provide quality services with a very affordable price. Most of FatCow reviews are particularly commending on how low the price that the company has. This made it possible for small-scale businesses to afford hosting services for their little websites. It gives a good way to reach people who are in real need of website hosting services without having to think of the price that they are about to pay.

Moreover, people are delighted on how the customer service provides efficient answers to their concerns. In this way, people are being addressed properly on what they are about to do when a problem occurs.

Customer’s Choice

Professionalism at its finest—this is one of the things that people admire the most with FatCow CHEAP HOSTING. They would want to provide all the necessary services and products to their customers to make them satisfied with all the things that they are providing them. With the help of FatCow reviews, people will be able to know about the company’s way of treating their clients.

However, by looking at some reviews, customers would rather invest in a company like FatCow because of the reputation that the company has when it comes to this kind of industry. FatCow is a good hosting company but FatCow have been serving millions of customers online. Moreover, customers are also looking at the stability of the company before they avail of their services. They are paying for good products and service thus looking at the price and stability of the company.

Still, many people are recommending their friends to use the services offered by FatCow of the services that they offered which is quite great for a young hosting company like them.

Reducing Your Annual Hosting Rates

Having a web presence is essential for any company or professional where clients determine the overall growth. To enjoy a successful Best Web Hosting business, one should control their costs and maximize returns in the most effective way.

One thing that businesses spend on is web hosting. Cheap shared hosting is expenditure but a necessary one that cannot be avoided. However, web hosting rates can be reduced if one operates in a clever and effective way.

To avoid your annual rates, register your domain on the company name. Costs of registering a domain name are uniform but there are many web hosts that can maintain control of your website name when they register it and also charge more money. It is important to check the cost of registering a domain name. Moreover, if there are any packages or promotions such as reduced price of registering for a five year package, buy it.

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