What Should You Regularly Update on Your Website?

By: | Updated: March 25, 2021

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Always update your website regularly and there are a few things you may want to pay close attention to. Things change and things need to be changed on your website. It’s a new year and it’s time to find that password of yours and get back into your website. So below we will discuss what you should Update on your Website .

Whether it’s been a month or a full year since you last logged in, you need to check important information for accuracy. Anything not matching up with current information needs to be changes. Not only will these updates help your company look accurate, but they will also help your SEO. Here are some of the things to check and change.

Update your Website

Maybe you’ve dropped a product or you have added a new service. Is it on your website? Has it been deleted if you no longer offer it. There’s no good reason to promote something you don’t provide.
Before you go any further, make sure the products and services you offer are correct. You may even want to take notes because the pages you use for these could use expanding, if they are short or the information is outdated.

Staff Members

Often, you hire and fire throughout the year, but it never gets changed on your website. Maybe you have a few new faces you should add and a few older faces that are no longer with you. Take this time to go through your staff and update any members of your staff accordingly.
Maybe you don’t have any changes on your staff, but you don’t really have a staff page. If this is the case, get a good picture of everybody, a simple bio and put together a staff page for your website.

About Page


Your about page needs updated at least once a year. You may have earned new awards, reached new goals or you just need to add to the number of years you’ve been in business. Make sure you go through this page and update your website with any outdated information when you do website updates.

Contact Information

Has your company moved? Maybe you’ve changed phone number? Did you give everybody new email addresses? Of your contact information isn’t correct it will hurt your SEO and make it harder on customers to find you. Make sure this information is correct in every place you display it on your website and online, including social media profiles.

Hours of Operation


Maybe your hours changed for the holiday season or for the winter. It may be time to change these hours back and make sure they are up-to-date. The last thing you want is for people to show up at your business when you are not open because your website said you would be.
Updating your website to ensure the most important information is accurate is very important. Quite a bit can change over the course of a few months or even a year. Make sure your important information is up-to-date and start this year off right.


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