There are alot of Social Bookmarking sites available today which all provide bloggers with benefits, but today I am going to focus on

There are two main reasons why you should use Digg to bookmark your posts and they are:

  • To drive more traffic to your site; and
  • To give your posts a boost in PR (PageRank)

How does drive more traffic to my blog?
When you Digg a blog post it appears on the upcoming pages at where a lot of users will see it. Write a catchy title to make users curious enough to click on it, and make sure you Digg it in the appropriate category (nobody is going to click on a link about fishing tackle in the Television category – unless they really like fishing! 😉 )

When someone has been to your site and read your post, if they like what they see chances are they’ll Digg your post. The posts that a user has Dugg will appear on their profile page for all of their friends to see – and if their friends like what they see chances are they’ll Digg your post too! And so on and so forth!

When someone has dugg your post be sure to add them as a friend so that when you create new blog posts you can share them with them. The more friends you have, the more people you have to shout your new blog posts to!

How can help my PR?
Page Rank is determined by good quality links to your site. Everytime someone Diggs your post a link is created to the page from the users profile page. It isn’t a direct link to your post on your blog, but it is a link to the Digg page where your link lies.

You may think that this is invaluable, but it isn’t. Any PR that goes to the Digg page where your link lies, gives the PR of your blog post a huge boost.

I was looking back at some posts on one of my blogs that were written a few months ago (before Googles Page Rank Update), and I was surprised to see some of my posts had a PR of 4! Given that the main page only has a PR of 3, and that I hadn’t done any link building on specific blog posts other than using, I knew for sure that using had 99% to do with the PR increase.

So there you have it: two valuable reasons why you should always use Digg. I’m sure there are more benefits to using this great tool – but I think those two reasons are convincing enough… what more could you want? 😉

A Quick Note
This is my first post here after being approached by Kevin and would like to say I feel very honoured to be here. I have no idea if my posts will be useful to anyone, but it feels great to have the opportunity to write here and I hope, if this article is a success, to write a couple more posts in the future. Thank you! 🙂