Windows VPS Hosting : Overview, Advantages, and Problems

By: | Updated: May 26, 2021

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Windows VPS Hosting is something that can be potentially needed for a number of people setting up a website. Whether you’re looking for a way to host your blog or a business that you’re looking to start up, you’ll eventually have to become a bit knowledgeable about the different hosting options, as well as the operating systems that the potential servers will have.

Windows VPS Hosting

Generally, you have three different choices here – Windows, Mac, and Linux. All three can get the job done, but here, we’re going to focus on the Windows platform.

Windows VPS hosting is still very much one of the most popular platforms, and there are several varieties of Windows servers currently available today. As you would expect, these products come in all different shapes and sizes, capable of using virtually no resources at all – all the way up to those that suck up all of the computing resources available.

As one of the more popular products, this is something that you’re bound to see solutions like these. It’s our goal to talk about some of the things that you’re going to get from the server, including some of the advantages, problems that you may find with it, and some hopefully interesting tidbits that will help you become more informed about the server and the operating system.

The Advantages of Windows VPS Hosting

One of the biggest advantage that the Windows platform has is the FrontPage functionality. It’s great because you can leverage just about everything. What’s more is that FrontPage is also supported by the other platforms, too.
As a provider, you also have the benefit of offering special features and database pages only with the use of the Windows VPS.

This opens up a lot of amazing possibilities, and even if you’re not the person who will be doing a lot of work on the back or front end, it’s still something that will be preferable in the long run. And while this is probably the most significant of the benefits, it’s definitely not the only one that’s worth noting.

The second – and possibly third, fourth, and fifth – advantage is the fact many of your prospective customers would probably be looking for the many Windows based applications. While there are a lot more people using Mac than in years past, most people still are using Windows applications for a lot of what they do.

This means that you’ll have to support them in some shape or form, and with Windows VPS hosting, you have the ability to easily help them out.

Windows VPS also allow servers with a lot of RAM to use the resources in a way that will keep everything performing in a pretty good way, keeping errors caused from resource-intensive programs and hard disk arrays to a minimum.

By doing it this way, the Windows VPS hosting option increases the speed of functions that don’t require a lot.

Some Disadvantages Associated with Windows Hosting VPS

One of the biggest problems with Windows VPS – much like a lot of Windows products – is the pricing. We’re all pretty aware that most Windows products aren’t very cheap. It’s no different here, and sometimes, you may even find it to border on the unreasonable, though many people end up paying it anyway.

When you look at this and other platforms, take Linux for example, you’ll find that Linux is practically free while Windows is a lot more.

With Windows, you have to worry about the licensing costs, whereas Linux is effectively free. This is a problem that’s well-documented, and is a pretty big reason why you see so many web developers insisting on Linux to keep their costs down.

Another problem is how it performs sometimes. If and when the system resources are being overused, you’re bound to run into some outage. This is definitely one of the worst things that can happen – the server can freeze and will need to be rebooted, which will cause a good amount of downtime. And when you’re trying to run a business, this is definitely counterproductive to your efforts.

Also, Windows VPS isn’t heralded for its security methods. While it’s not bad, you’ll need to make a lot of changes to keep it up-to-date. To that note, it’s also not known for being popular for its uptime, as you can’t guarantee it for months at a time, but that will depend on the time of applications that you’re planning on running on the server, so that may not be a particular problem for you.

All in all, Windows servers have their benefits and drawbacks. For many, the good outweighs the bad, though it’s still understandable why some people would rather work with Linux or Mac. If you’re interested in working with Windows VPS, there are some incredible options out there for you, and there’s a fair chance that you won’t have any real problems with hosting on it, though it is very much far from being the perfect VPS. But, to be fair – there are problems with virtually any VPS that you choose.

What’s the Best Windows VPS?

When it comes to Windows VPS, it can be a bit hard to determine what’s the best, as there are so many different ones. Furthermore, what one person may be looking for will differ from what the next person will, and it can be even said that some VPS are good for certain things. With all of these things considered, it can almost be deducted that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to hosting, but there are some things that everyone should look for as far as VPS are concerned, and we’ll talk about a few of the things that people should be looking when they’re narrowing down the list.

More than likely, you’ll want to have some help in narrowing down the list. There is definitely no shortage of hosting companies that are offering Windows VPS, and while most of them are absolutely great at what they do, it can be nothing short of tiresome to discern what the best one would be for your interests.

The aim here is to outline the few things that are important to people who are looking to have their website hosted, as well as the things that will keep your interests safe when you’re conducting your business online.

What to Look For

When you’re looking for a hosting provider, the most important thing is to make sure that they’re reputable. Sure, most companies in this industry will provide you with the services that you need, but there are bad apples in every industry. Also, there are just so many companies it’s a little easier than anticipated to get scammed.

Of course, this doesn’t happen if you find the reputable ones. Figuring out which ones are good and which aren’t is done by reading reviews. Many companies have some on their site, and if you use a search engine, you’ll be able to find some additional ones. Once you’ve aggregated a few reviews from companies, you’ll be able to go on and do some more research on a specific company.

Another thing to look for is the actual capacity. The good companies will easily be able to accommodate whatever you need without much of a hassle. Should you need more, they’ll be able to give you that, whether it’s bandwidth capacity, compatible systems, storage space, or whatever other requirements that you find to be important.

The more options you get – the better. The company’s ability to service the customer is indicative of a few things. It means that they’ve probably been providing services to clients of all types, and it also probably means that they know a good amount about the industry. Both of these are great things to be looking for, but it may not be the most important.

Security and Support

Most consider security to be the most important for Windows VPS Hosting. Unfortunately, the Windows platform isn’t known for having the best security, and most say that Linux and Mac leave it in the dust. This doesn’t mean it’s a slouch, it does just mean that it’d have to be updated regularly. That said, security is very important for a hosting company.

Data and financial transactions have to be guaranteed by the providers, and if it’s not, both yourself and the clients that you work with will be at risk. While you don’t necessarily have to delve into security protocol, you should know something about the measures that they take to make sure that your data is safe in their hands.

Support is another huge one. If something goes down – someone has to be there to fix it. Fortunately, every great VPS company is good about providing high quality technical support. This way, any downtime or any other technical issue is quickly squashed and resolved. This can create an interesting problem – some companies are so experienced because they’ve had a lot downtime.

Obviously, that’s a company that you’d want to skip because the last thing that you’d want to have happen. The best Windows VPS company will more or less guarantee 100% uptime for their servers.

And while it’s not always needed, the best companies will offer 24/7 support should an issue arise. This will insure that they keep to their promise of always having your website up and running.

If you’re looking for a company to host your website with, you’ll want to make sure that all of these things are adhered to. They need to be a company that has a proven track record of routinely serviced clients that have a whole range of sites, as well exhibiting all of the pertinent measures for security.

Furthermore, the company should also be able to provide you all of the technical support that you could possibly need, provided that you need any.

In the event that the company isn’t capable of at least those four things, there’s more than enough need for you to move along to the next company on the list. And trust us – there are a multitude of companies that have the ability to service you in the way you’d need it. We recommend ixwebhosting for your windows vps hosting needs.

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