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So today we’re taking an indepth look at this relatively long lived hosting company and what it offers you, the client.
Here’s the one and only review you’ll ever need.

Who is

Here is our break down of review

The company has been around since 2003, owned by Byte Technosys Pvt ltd. They specialise in Windows hosting, and have grown fairly fast over the years to become a relatively trusted host.
They have their own dedicated data center, where all their main servers are located, at a centralised facility known affectionately as ‘the planet.’
They’re Texas based, operating with six main data centers scattered throughout Houston and Dallas, and claim to use top end technology to ensure your internet speed and service run smoothly.
The windowwebhosting hosting offerings include shared hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated servers, so they’re servicing a wide market of people in an attempt to capture market share.
Interestingly, despite this windows-centric focus, you can in fact get Linux plans for those who’d rather use the non-proprietary system for their website.
Linux is a well established server package in itself and highly used in the web environment, so depending on your specific needs this may be a better option for your company’s needs.
What is the uptime like?
There’s a lot to be said for any company in the tech industry that’s managed to grit its teeth and hang in there for as long as they have.
Technology is, after all, a fast paced arena and bad service get’s crushed out by more efficient competitors very quickly.
It’s telling this company has survived for 14 years- and the stability could be behind this longevity.
The site offers stable hosting for all customer classes, with data centers that are certainly holding their own on the market.
They offer complete redundancy solutions for both power and network, and they make a very big selling point out of using ‘name brand’ hardware.
We take that with a pinch of salt, of course- some of the greatest lemons in the world also use flashy brand name goods.
Likewise, some generics can be wonderful. We’re interested in facts.
While service is certainly great across the board, there is only an uptime guarantee on certain packages. Although the 99.9% rate offered is formidable and there is no indication that packages that do not include a guarantee suffer any kind of service lapse.
What are the features? hosting packages start from 250MG, going up to 850MG on their options.
Enterprise hosting begins at 750MG through to 2GB, with a smaller business package at 50MG to 300MG. This isn’t really the highest, especially on the business packages.
You do of course get the option of instead upgrading to a VPS server. A VPS offers a ‘personal’ server without the costs or burden of maintaining a dedicated server.
This gives you additional freedom and higher disk space, allowing you considerably more power and control over your hosting.
It’s a great mid-range solution for medium enterprises, people with heavy server requirements and businesses heading into enterprise terratory.
If you have an enterprise cooperation that really does need the dedicated hosting, server packages are available.
There are not pre-built, but instead manufactured to the specifications you put forward.
You would need to meet up with a specialised sales rep, who will help you set the order up perfectly, then it will need a 48 hour build period.
After this, you will be able to host your own dedicated servers within their space.
What about support?
The tech support for operates 24/7 any day of the week. Live chat is designed as the first port of call for the support team, and is supposed to offer you a very fast line to help.
However, the website is rather absent of documentation or other methods of self-help, which may well be most people’s first choice of information both before setting up an account with them as well as if you hit any issues that require assistance.
In short, it’s a good but not particularly outstanding tech support option for clients.
However, their customer service in general is perfectly acceptable. The website is easier to navigate than many others, and their services are fairly intuitive to use and quick to learn.
They also provide examples of awards they’ve won on their website, showing they’ve managed to sustain extended streaks of great attention to customers.
Again, like longevity this is good proof of a stable and reliable service. However, do note that the head offices are based in India, which could be inconvenient or a convenience to you depending on your own location.
While the data centers are in Texas, you will be charged in rupees, which could be a potentially awkward way of budgeting and keeping track of your monthly expenses.
Obviously this will depend on your exact location and currency of choice.
So what’s the verdict?
This is a well balanced hosting option, with a few downsides but many positives. Their data centers are incredibly high quality and well run, and their customer service and uptime ensure that you get a great hosting experience.
Their server specs on VPS and dedicated offerings can be a little complicated, so it is best to make sure you fully and totally understand everything you are signing up for beforehand. review offers great prices with high quality data centers and offer an overall stable and positive customer experience.
Their packages are very limited in size, however, and currency issues may not serve your interests dependant on your local area and service centre needs.
Overall, however, this is an excellent choice of hosting options and will stand its customers well if they choose the right package for them.
What did you think of our review ? have you used them? Will you use them?

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