Why is Wordfence Security Important?

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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Wordfence Security is a very popular way to keep your WordPress site secure. This is an important tool and should be installed immediately if you don’t already have it.

With Wordfence, you get a better security and you won’t have to worry as much. Dealing with people trying to hack into your site isn’t a good thing. They can cause all kinds of issues including taking over your passwords, altering your website or even wiping everything clean or replacing it.

Hackers may even place links on your WordPress site to awful things or install popups. They could even send fake emails from you and cause you to get in trouble. The bottom line is they can cause all kinds of issues and you need protection.

Loss of Trust

When you get hacked and things change, your customers will quickly realize they cannot trust your site. If this happens, you could lose them forever. This could hurt your reputation and even lead to bad reviews online.

Install Wordfence Security Instead

Wordfence plugin has a 4.9 out of 5 rating and more than 2,000 positive reviews. It has been downloaded several million times and provides a high level of security for your WordPress website. It can even help to increase the speed of your site with the Falcone Engine, which is the fastest caching engine available.

There are several features found within this plugin that help with keeping you protected. Wordfence becomes a buffer between your site and the attacks. It will scan your site regularly and monitor it in real time. This will allow you to keep all the issues out and see who has tried to get in. If an attack is identified, it’s logged and Wordfence actually becomes stronger.

This plugin can even help you create stronger passwords, verify sources, monitor disk space and so much more. If you get the pro version, you will receive even more features. However, the free version does a pretty good job of protection your site.

When it comes right down to it, you need Wordfence Security for your WordPress website. This is one of the top security plugins you will find and you can use it free of charge.

5 Ways to Protect WordPress Sites from Hackers

Installing the Wordfence Security plugin won’t be sufficient only. You have to undertake other measures.

#1 Don’t Use Default Username

The default username given during WordPress installation is ‘admin’. You shouldn’t use the default username as hackers are aware of this and can easily manipulate your site.

If you’re already using the default username, create another WordPress user id with a username which is difficult to guess and an equally strong password. Give this new id ‘Administrator’ status. Credit the published posts to the new user id and delete the ‘admin’ user details.

Moreover, to ensure that you’re not booted out of the WordPress admin access, create another user id with administrative access and save the details somewhere. Now you have two ids to access the site.

Lastly, keep changing the passwords often.

#2 Use Login Lockdown Plugin

Hackers use brute force to break into WordPress sites. To prevent this, use the Login Lockdown plugin which bans a user from logging into the WordPress sites after a certain number of failed attempts.

Suppose you configure the plugin for three attempts and if I try to login with wrong password and username thrice, I will be banned from accessing your site. The IP address will get blocked and I will be unable to view the site’s login page.

This is a must-have plugin.

Of course, it may also happen that a genuine user gets locked out because the user lost the username or password. In such cases, you can remove the IP ban from within the dashboard and send the genuine user new login details.

#3 Update Plugins and Themes

This is a basic security measure which many WordPress users sideline. Bug or security flaw fixes are the main reason why developers update their themes and plugins.

If you don’t update them on your WordPress site, you’re exposing the site to hackers. Forget hackers, updating plugins and themes to recent versions ensure smooth working of the site.

Otherwise, it can lead to plugin and themes incompatibility issues either with each other or with core WordPress.

#4 Scan the Site Weekly

WP Security Scan is a recommended plugin to scan the site and detect malicious codes. Whenever you run the plugin, it scans the whole site to detect any injected malicious scripts and codes. If any is detected, the scan result will show a list of problems and state “You do not have a stable version of WordPress”. Get rid of the errors immediately.

#5 Hide WordPress Version Details

Never reveal the WordPress version details. Follow this resource on WPBeginner.com to hide WordPress details. Alternatively, modify as follows.

Modify <meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress <?php bloginfo(’version’); ?>” /> to <meta name=”generator” content=”Powered by WordPress”/> and save.

The WordPress version details will be hidden.

Take Backups

Never ever forget to backup your WordPress site. It might happen that despite initiating preventive measures, the site gets hacked and all your data vanishes. In such a circumstance, having database and file backups are important to restore the hacked WordPress site.

You can either use the WP Backup Buddy plugin or backup manually with the cPanel. Some hosting providers automatically email blog backups according to a preset time interval.

Apart from Wordfence Security, use the above precautions to protect your WordPress.

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