Better Accessibility for your WordPress Website with these Plugins and Themes

By: | Updated: March 25, 2021

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Creating a blog and watching the traffic stats rise is an incredible experience. The question is – is your WordPress Accessibility for the people viewing it? In order to answer that question, it might be helpful to know what a site being accessible even means first.

WordPress Accessibility


In a nut shell accessibility is how easy it is for a visitor to use and navigate through your blog or website. These are a few plugins and themes that will make sure your site is hitting all the marks when it comes to being accessible.

Why Should You Make Your Site Accessible

Before we get into how to make your site more accessible we need to look at why you want it to be so. The more your WordPress Accessibility is for customers and those people who happen to find it searching on the internet the more likely you are to not only get the sale, but keep them coming back. You don’t have a lot of time to get their attention, so when their first impression of you is that they can find everything they need to easily buy your product or service from your website, then you’ve got someone bookmarking the page to make sure they use you again.

Navigating with Ease

Skip To is a great plug-in that is easy to install and lets people go to the different pages by creating its own menu that will pop up on the site. It will show them where they can go and is broken up by the headings. This way the visitor on your site can go to any part of your site from any page. That’s the definition of accessible.

A Better Visible Situation


Zoom is another great tool that allows your visitors to see the words and content clearer. Some people can’t see smaller writing so this allows them to blow up the text on your site so they can read it. This is another step towards making your WordPress website a lot more accessible.
The plugin Vividly will allow visitors to change the theme to a higher contrast that makes it easier to see. Taking it a step further than zoom it helps with visibility.

The Right Theme for Accessibility


There are certain WordPress themes that are the most accessible to lots of different visitors. This includes Glassy, Bosco, White Christmas, Simone, Kuorinka, WPstart, Tikva, Drop, Accessible Zen, JBST, Cherish, Neighborly, and Universal plus several more.
A clean theme doesn’t junk up the page with graphics and has easy to read lines of text in practical places. You won’t see one of these themes with a huge glittery title right across the page. Simple and to the point is the best way to be accessible.

Make Your WordPress Site More User Friendly

Some things you can do if you have to have a different theme than the ones mentioned to make your site more accessible are make sure headings define sub sections clearly, media is not on automatic start, and that the colors are easy to read.


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