Which WordPress Mistakes are Most Common for Beginners?

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It’s natural to make mistakes when you start doing something you’ve never done before. If you’ve taken advantage of the excellent hosting from FatCow and now you’re ready to use WordPress to build your website, you need to be aware of some of the most common WordPress mistakes made by beginners. Here are a few you will certainly want to avoid.

Leaving the “Hello World” Initial Post

Each time you install WordPress, a sample post, a sample page and a sample comment are included after the installation. You can delete these properties or rewrite them to update the content.
Most site owners use the initial content as a road map to build their first blog page, post and comment. The difference between a page and a post is often difficult for newbie WordPress owners to understand, so editing these properties is easier than deleting them.
However, you must do one or the other, because leaving them up sends poor quality signals to search engine algorithms such as Google.

Disregarding Backups

It’s easy to get tied up with regular blog posts and management, but backups should never be disregarded. Don’t put backups on the back burner. Decide how many days of data loss you can live with and make that your backup frequency.
For instance, if you create a post every week, you can probably get away with backups once a week. If you create new posts every day, you should set up backups every day.
Remember, you don’t just back up the WordPress software. You also need to back up the database, which carries all of your critical data.

Forgetting Basic Elements

It is so cool to use WordPress that sometimes you get carried away with the customization and features used to create your new website. For instance, you get caught up with developing a creative and impactful site that you forgot to place your contact information on the site or you forget to create an “about us” page. Even the smallest mistakes could affect your website on a grand scale so stay focus and never forget the basics.

WordPress Mistakes-Leaving the Default Login Alone

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not changing your username and password after you install WordPress. You don’t want to use the “admin” username, as it’s the most common used by WordPress users and hackers know this.

Instead, choose a unique username and a unique password. With your password, it’s best to include symbols, uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers. Avoid common things, such as your pets name or your birthday. Making the password longer than 8 characters is a good idea, too.

Forgetting to Change Permalinks

Another common mistake WordPress beginners make is forgetting to change the Permalinks. A permalink is your site’s link structure or your URL. From the default permalink style, you can transform it into a memorable link that your customers will be able to follow and remember.
Simply use the WordPress dashboard and go to the Settings >> Permalinks. A window will open to allow you to change your settings.
A “Post Name” menu option will appear, select this option and save your changes. This will give you a better URL structure for both the visitor and for your overall site SEO.

Using the Default Permalink

When you first install WordPress, you will end up with a default permalink, which will put a p=22 at the end of your domain whenever you publish a post. This gives you no real SEO benefit and it doesn’t look good, either.

Instead, you want to adjust the permalink to use the post name. This will put the title of the post as a part of the URL, which provides great SEO benefits. You want to make sure you make this change or you will be missing out.

Clicking “Publish” Too Soon

With Google tightening up its algorithm and releasing content penalties such as Panda, it’s critical that you only publish your content when it’s ready. You should write, edit and revise your content before clicking “Publish.”
Don’t publish content just to publish something on your site. [Tweet “It’s better to publish one excellent post a week than ten average posts a day.”]
The algorithms judge quality, not quantity. Users prefer quality over quantity. Hire an editor if you need edits. An editor can turn a bland, ungrammatical blog post into something enticing to readers.

Choosing the Wrong Theme

Choosing the right WordPress theme is important. With the right theme, you don’t have to worry about poor coding or security issues. Sometimes, free themes are a horrible choice simply for this reason. Instead, choose a premium theme or become a member of a theme site. This will ensure you gain access to many quality themes for your WordPress websites.

Using a Theme from an Unknown Developer

One of the most common mistakes WordPress beginners make is choosing a free theme from an unknown developer. There are so many WordPress themes available and choosing a theme from an unknown developer or a theme with only a few reviews could affect the quality of your site.
It is recommended to choose themes from a WordPress-approved list of developers. You may also choose a premium theme, which may cost you a few dollars, but will often provide better security and support. A premium theme is the best choices if you want to make sure you don’t run into any issue with your theme.

Keep WordPress Up To Date

WordPress deploys updates regularly to fix security holes and other software bugs. Hackers use scripts that continually scan the web to find insecure WordPress sites where owners haven’t updated the software.
Always update your WordPress version to the latest immediately after a new release. With newer WordPress versions, you can set up the software to update automatically.

Failing to Utilize SEO Plugins

Of course, driving traffic to your site is important. This will allow customers to find you, make purchases and even bookmark your site for later use. If you plan to make money from your new WordPress website, you need to drive traffic to your site.
SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic to your new website. With WordPress, you get pretty good SEO out-of-the-box, but adding a top SEO plugin will make it even better.
Yoast SEO is one of these efficient plugins you can choose for WordPress SEO. Just install the plugin and follow the instructions and you will be well on your way to better overall SEO on your WordPress website.
When you avoid the mistakes listed above, you will be able to create a better WordPress website. These are some of the most common mistakes WordPress beginners make. Be careful to avoid them and your site will be free of frustration and you will be set up for success.

Installing Insecure Plugins or Never Updating Plugins

Plugins are probably the number one way WordPress owners get hacked. Always be careful with plugins you install.
It’s better to install a well-known plugin than one that isn’t regularly maintained by the plugin owner. The plugin owner must update his code every time a new WordPress release is deployed. If they don’t, your plugins might be rendered useless, which then affects your blog. Poorly coded plugins leave your site insecure and vulnerable. Don’t install plugins just to install a functionality that you don’t need.

Not Included Basic Page Elements

Maybe you get a little carried away with the things you can do with WordPress and it causes you to forget some of the most basic elements of your pages. You need a Contact Page, an About Us Page and specific policy pages for specific types of websites.

Without the right page elements, you may not get the best SEO and you may not provide the best visitor experience. Make sure you don’t leave out any pages or page elements you need.

There are many other mistakes you could make, but these are by far the most common WordPress mistakes made by beginners. Avoid making these mistakes and you will be well on your way to the right SEO set up and a better functioning WordPress website overall.

Forgetting to Change the Default Login

If you, as a WordPress beginner, forget to change your default login, you may find yourself in more trouble than you bargained for. Accounts are prone to hacks and attacks when users are not fully aware of the possibilities. The default login is one of the easiest ways for a hacker to get into your WordPress website.
Forgetting to change the default login information in WordPress is a common mistake which affects the security of the site. Often, you will start with the default username of “admin”, which is not a good idea. Make sure you change this immediately!
Creating a weak password could also make you vulnerable to attacks. It is recommended to create strong passwords using a combination of characters, symbols and letters. WordPress will generate a very strong password for you, if you’re not sure how to create the best password for excellent security.

Implementing Poor Passwords and No Login Security

You might be surprised by the number of attacks on your WordPress log-in. Wordfence is a WordPress plugin that protects your log-in page. It audits login attempts and tells you when an attempt to log in is made.  It also scans your site for any other vulnerability.
There are several other protection plugins available, so you should choose at least one to protect your site from being hacked. Once a hacker has access to your administration panel, he can add content, edit pages or even delete your blog posts and pages.
The above is a list of a few common newbie mistakes. You can avoid the hassle of losing data, using poor SEO URL structures and getting hacked by taking note of these issues and avoiding the issue when you start your blog.

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