It’s human nature to desire the path of least resistance. This is why marketers and online businesses are constantly seeking ways to minimize or eliminate potential points of friction. This is why Amazon, for example, features a 1-click ordering system where you don’t even need to go through the traditional online checkout process in order to purchase a product. The easier it is for you to buy something, the more likely you are to do so.

The exact same line of reasoning needs to apply in regards to blogging and other online content. You want people not only to read your blog posts, articles and other online content, but you want them to share your content far and wide to all of their fans and followers on social media. And Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is the plugin that makes that process as seamless, painless and simple as possible.

Easier Social Shares for More Social Sharing

Offered as a premium WordPress plugin, Easy Social Share Buttons is now in its third version and it is designed to be an “all-in-one social share solution for WordPress.”


There are several components that go into this solution. The first and most obvious is that it can insert easy social sharing buttons on your blog posts and other pages on your website. This is useful not only for blogs, of course, as you can just as easily apply it to your e-commerce site, online forum , resource site, or any other kind of website.

You’ve likely seen similar implementations on many of the websites you frequent on a daily basis. Visitors to the site can simply click on the Twitter button, for example, to tweet out the title and URL to the article they are currently reading. The content of that tweet can further be customized through this plugin for optimal branding and marketing.

In addition to these social sharing buttons, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress also gives you the ability to create “click-to-tweet” quotes that people can share with just one click, plus on media sharing of your images, a mobile friendly design, native buttons for following and subscribing, and more. The social metrics and social analytics take things several steps forward, empowering you to track your performance on social media.

The Buttons and Styles You Want

It’s obvious enough to most people that you want to accommodate the most popular social networks on the Internet. That would include such platforms as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress gives you the power to support up to 40 different networks, depending on the kind of audience you have and where you want to focus your efforts.


If you want to make it easy for your readers to save your content for reading in Pocket, you can do that. If you find that a good amount of your traffic is coming from China, Weibo integration could prove to be invaluable. If you’ve got a more business-oriented audience, then the LinkedIn social share button might be what you value most. The good news is that this plugin can handle any and all of these.

You’ll also notice that you can choose the style of the button, whether that includes the actual name of the network or if it’s just the icon. Another option features the icon button, but hovering over it reveals the full network name.

The Quick Setup Wizard

After you’ve installed and activated the plugin, you can go through the integrated quick setup wizard to configure exactly how you want this to work.


The wizard walks you through step-by-step, starting first with the template that you would like to use as the default theme. You want the style that best fits in with the overall look of the rest of your site, whether that’s more of a flat icon style, rounded icons, or light backgrounds.

You can optionally activate the counters, which would display how many times a page has been shared on each network, as well as how you want the buttons to be display on mobile devices.


Another useful feature you’ll encounter in the setup wizard is deciding on your display position. Here, you can choose if your share buttons stay at the top of your content, whether they float at the top as the user scrolls down the page, or even if you want to insert the buttons manually with a shortcode.

What’s more, you can choose a secondary display position, like having the share buttons pop up, fly in, or float vertically along the side. Again, you want to make it as easy as possible for readers to share your content and this versatility really helps to keep social sharing front of mind.

Depending on how complex you want to get, you can add custom titles for your posts, define video dimensions when they are shared, create tweetable quotes, apply ready-made sharing styles (to mimic such sites as Mashable and Upworthy), define different display settings by post type, implement WooCommerce or BuddyPress integration, and the list goes on and on. You can keep it simple or you can tap into all these additional features for maximum benefit.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress plugin is available with a regular license for $19, which includes use on one single end product where end users are not charged. If you are charging your users, you’ll need the $95 extended license instead.

To further extend your functionality, you might also consider the $14 (regular license) self hosted short URLs add-on. This lets you automatically generate short URLs on your own domain, which is great for social sharing and is much faster than using an external service.