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WordPress Plugins

WordPress PluginsOn this page you will find a list of all WordPress Plugins which BloggingTips has developed for it’s users. Each plugin has its own page which includes a description of the plugin, instructions on how to use the plugin and answers to commonly asked questions.

Please note that all of our plugins can be downloaded from the Official WordPress Plugin Directory.

BloggingTips WordPress Plugins

Twitter UserFull support for all of our WordPress Plugins is provided in the BloggingTips WordPress Plugin Support Room.

Twitter User is a simple plugin which adds an additional box to the author pages profile in which they can add their twitter username.

How to install a WordPress Plugin

Installing a WordPress Plugin is very easily. Here are some basic instructions on how to install a plugin in WordPress.

  1. Download Twitter User in zip format from the WordPress Directory.
  2. Install the plugin in your WordPress powered blog. There are two ways to do this :
    1. Upload the zip file directly to your blog at If you prefer to use this method, please make sure you have your hosting username and password ftp details available. Please note, older versions of WordPress may not have the option to upload plugins directly through your blog admin area.
    2. Alternatively, you can upload the plugin to your blog using File Transfer Protocol. All you need to do is unzip the plugin and upload the plugin directly to
  3. Activate the plugin at

After you activated the plugin you may have to add some information to a settings area or add some code to your blogs theme before the plugin works but this depends on the plugin so make sure you always read the developers instructions.

If you are struggling uploading any of our plugins please post a thread in the BloggingTips WordPress Plugin Support Room.

Additional Information

  • The Official WordPress Plugin Directory is without doubt the largest directory or WordPress Plugins on the web and the best place to start your search for the plugin you need to enhance your blog.
  • Stuff By SarahAll BloggingTips WordPress Plugins are developed by BloggingTips author and Sarah from Stuff By Sarah. Sarah has been working with WordPress for years and through her blog posts on BloggingTips and her own blog Stuff By Sarah she has helped thousands of bloggers develop, improve and understand their blogs backend structure.