Competitions are always nice isn’t it? Especially on the blogosphere, there’s always a competition running.

Free ipods, iphones, free subscriptions and what not ? The prizes are always attractive, and that’s the fun about it. But, many a times, I’ve thought, had the prize been some cash in hand, I could’ve bought anything that I wanted.

You know bloggers always need money to spend. To spend on hosting accounts, buying tools, link purchases and contracts, getting reviews, designing a mascot. There are quite a number a things a blogger can do with his cash to reinvest. So in a competition, I prefer cash to any product.

Did you know there’s a competition running that can get you some solid cash? $250 to be precise.

Well, as a matter of fact, it’s me who’s throwing away the money. It goes like this.

– I have a new website. ( No it’s not that affiliate site, but a personal one.)

– If you know the basics of SEO, I’m sure you’d agree that it is easy to optimize a personal website.

– So, I want all the “SEO aware” bloggers out there to do pick a keyword for the site (that could be anything you like related to the site) and do some SEO to it.

– After 45 days, if the site ranks on top for your chosen keyword, you get the $250 ! Simple as that.

What’s the catch? – I’d like to grab some real talents in SEO, who know the basics right and get them to work with me on SEO projects. ( I’m currently overloaded with quotes.) That’s it. So the money part is an extra bonus, if you will deny to work with me. 🙂

Well, the process is really simple. But the early birds will get the advantage. 😉 (clue..clue!)

As a matter of fact, the website is easy to rank for any keyword (like my name) without much SEO, so if you want the cash, jump in! 

Get all the details here.