WordPress vs. Drupal – Which CMS is the Best?

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How many people do you think use WordPress? WordPress is so powerful because it’s so well known and setting up an account is easy to do. You hear about how good WordPress is so much that you might forget there are other options out there you could be using. WordPress vs. Drupal has been a big battle for a long time . Let us know what which one you use and why.

Take Drupal for example. This is a blogging platform you rarely hear about. Why do you think this is? Well Drupal isn’t as popular because they don’t really put a lot into marketing themselves. Just because you might know little about it though doesn’t mean it’s not good.

What you have to do is take a close look at both WordPress and Drupal. This is going to help give us a look at which one might be better.

WordPress vs. Drupal-Which is Harder to Learn?

We’ve asked around and we found that most people thought WordPress was way easier to learn. One of the main reasons for this is because you don’t really need any special knowledge to customize your site in different ways.

Drupal on the other hand is tougher. The learning curve is longer. And many people said that Drupal can be a bit tough to get updated. With WordPress updating isn’t a problem at all.

Which is Cheaper to have Setup?

One of the good things about WordPress is that if you decide to have a designer help you to put together a site, it shouldn’t cost too much. If you use a designer to help you put together a Drupal site this isn’t going to be the case.
Drupal tends to cost about 3 times the amount of money to design compared to WordPress. So if you were going to go with Drupal you would need to have a bigger budget if you hire designer to help you.

Which has a Better Theme Market?

WordPress has one of the best theme markets out there. Getting a theme setup is so easy even someone with no knowledge of WordPress at all can be setup in no time. Drupal themes are not recommended. They usually don’t look the best and getting them setup the right way can be tough.

Which offers the Better Admin Experience?

We would say that Drupal offers a much neater admin experience compared to WordPress. The thing is with WordPress you can use a function called Advanced Custom Fields to make an experience that would be very similar to what you’d get with Drupal.

Which is the Better one to Use?

We’re going to assume if you’re debating which one of these is best it’s probably because you plan on hiring a designer to help you right? Well when you hire a designer you have to be really careful taking their advice. Designers and developers are always going to recommend to you the platform they have the most experience in. Is this a bad thing? No it’s not. But if you decide you want to go with the other platform they might not be able to do much for you.

In our honest opinion, Drupal is going to be a little tougher to get used to. WordPress is setup for ease of use and speed. You have to be patient with Drupal and the learning curve it bigger. Some people might not mind this, but for those who want a site setup fast this would be an issue.

We recommend that you really invest time into finding out which CMS is the best for you. This way if you do hire a designer/developer you’ll be able to save a lot of time and money. So who did you pick to win the battle?: WordPress vs. Drupal ?

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