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Evolution WordPress Theme

Evolution ThemeThe Evolution WordPress Theme is a simple yet effective theme which we have released under the Creative Commons License.

The theme was designed with simplicity in mind and would be perfect for someone looking for a design for their personal blog, journal or portfolio. We have kept the features to a minimum in this theme however it is very easy to modify should you want to add plugins to it.

By default the sidebar has got three main areas : a subscription section, recent posts and recent comments. The theme is widget ready though so it is very easy to add to the sidebar. This theme has been designed for use with WordPress 2.5+.

  • Demo : Blue

To download this theme, all you need to do is sign up to our newsletter using the form below. You will be emailed a link to all of our free ebooks and themes once you have confirmed your email address.

There are two folders in the zip file. The ‘evolution’ folder contains all of the theme files and should be uploaded to your ‘wp-content/themes’ folder. The second folder is called ‘evolution-plugins’. This contains all of the plugins the theme uses and should be uploaded to the ‘wp-content/plugins’ folder.

Full support for this theme is provided in the BloggingTips Theme Support Room.

Plugin Info

The plugins which are used in this theme are :

Although not essential, we believe these plugins improve the usability of the theme.

More information on using the Evolution WordPress Theme can be found below.

Changing the color of the Evolution theme

The Evolution theme has 4 stylesheets.

  • style.css – The master stylesheet
  • default-blue.css – The stylesheet you use if you want the blue color scheme.
  • default-red.css – The stylesheet you use if you want the red color scheme.
  • default-green.css – The stylesheet you use if you want the green color scheme.

We have designed the theme so that it is incredibly easy to switch between the 3 color schemes. To change the color scheme all you need to do is change the stylesheet which is linked in the master style.css file.

In the style.css file you will find this line :

@import 'default-blue.css';

This line tells wordpress which stylesheet you want to use for your blog. If you decide to use the red color theme on your blog then simply change this line to

@import 'default-red.css';

How to change the information on the sidebar and footer

The evolution theme is widget ready. The blogger can change the contents of the sidebar and the footer via the widget panel in the admin area of your wordpress blog. This gives you, the blogger, complete control over what is displayed on your blog.

  • Sidebar Widget Area : This sidebar widget area is directly underneath the multi tabbed information box which has the recent posts, categories and archives.
  • Footer – Left : The left box in the footer area.
  • Footer – Center : The box in middle of the footer area.
  • Footer – Right : The right box in the footer area.