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Hurricane WordPress Theme

Hurricane WordPress ThemeThe Hurricane WordPress Theme is a grungy looking theme which we have released under the Creative Commons License.

The theme has five widget areas: one in the sidebar, three in the footer and one in the 404 error page. All of which allow you to easily add, change and remove content very easily. The default colour is black and blue however the theme also includes a black and red design as well.

To make the theme easier to use, it has it’s own options area. From here you can enter your Twitter username, Feedburner feed name and Google Analytics code.

This theme has been designed for use with WordPress 2.8+.

  • Demo : Hurricane

To download this theme, all you need to do is sign up to our newsletter using the form below. You will be emailed a link to all of our free ebooks and themes once you have confirmed your email address.

The Hurricane folder within the zip file contains all of the theme files and should be uploaded to your ‘wp-content/themes’ folder.

Full support for this theme is provided in the BloggingTips Theme Support Room.

Switching to the Black and Red Theme

The default colour of this theme is black and red however you can also switch to a black and red theme.

Hurricane WordPress Theme in Black and Red

The parent stylesheet in the theme is called style.css. By default this main stylesheet links to style-blue.css. So to edit the blue colour scheme you just need to edit the style-blue.css file.

To use the black and red colour scheme you just need to edit stylesheet.css and change @import ‘style-blue.css’; to @import ‘style-red.css’;. If you want to make any changes to the red colour scheme just edit the style-red.css file.

If you are unsure about any of this please let us know in the BloggingTips Theme Support Room.

Hurricane Options Area

In the options area you can enter your Twitter, Feedburner and Google Analytics information.

Hurricane Options Area