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Principle WordPress Theme

Principle WordPress ThemeThe Princple WordPress Theme is a versatile theme which we have released under the Creative Commons License.

The theme has two widget areas: one below the main content area and one in the sidebar; which allow you to easily add, change and remove content very easily. The home page has a content slider which allows you to highlight 1 to 4 of your best posts. This content slider is also displayed under the comment area.

To make the theme easier to use, it has it’s own options area. From here you can enter the articles you want featured, choose whether to show the advertisement area, enter your feedburner information, add code to the header and footer, change the style of font used in the theme and much much more.

The theme is also available in 4 colours: Black and red, black and white, black and blue and black and green. You can change the colour from the theme option area.

Black & Red

Princicple Black & Red Theme

Black & White

Princicple Black & White Theme

Black & Blue

Princicple Black & Blue Theme

Black & Green

Princicple Black & Green Theme

This theme has been designed for use with WordPress 2.8+.

  • Demo : Principle

To download this theme, all you need to do is sign up to our newsletter using the form below. You will be emailed a link to all of our free ebooks and themes once you have confirmed your email address.

The Principle’ folder within the zip file contains all of the theme files and should be uploaded to your ‘wp-content/themes’ folder.

Full support for this theme is provided in the BloggingTips Theme Support Room.

Recommended Plugins

During development we integrated a social voting area for blog posts. However, we wanted this theme to be versatile so we didn’t want users to be restricted. Therefore, we made the decision to remove the social voting area. This allows you to easily add one of the popular WordPress plugins available.

We recommend one of the following plugins for social media voting:

We also originally integrated a related posts function into the theme as well. We also decided to remove this because (a) some users don’t want this feature and (b) users would not be able to use a different kind of related posts plugin as it would conflict with the one built in. Click here for a list of good related posts plugins.

Theme Options Area

The theme options page can be found at at

Click on the image below to see a full preview of the options page

Principle Theme Options Are

1. Home Page Editing

1a. Managing RSS feeds link

Just put your Feedburner ID in the feedburner field and it will update the links for both the RSS feed and the Email subscription.

1b. Featured section

Under ‘Featured Category’ there is a select-box from where you can choose which category to show posts from in the Featured section in the header on Home page and below Comments section on Single Post pages. The maximum number of posts which can be shown is 5.

1c. Choose categories for Home Page

Here you can put in the ID’s of categories from which you’d like to display the latest posts on home page. 1 post per each category is shown.

1d. Changing font

You can change the font family for headings, the sidebar and the main body text.

1e. Header and Footer Boxes

Where you can add your own code for SEO (Google Analytics script in footer for an example) and other tracking scripts.

2. Two Widget-Ready areas

You can change what widgets are used at

The first one is in the sidebar under the two advertisement blocks (Recent Articles and Recent Comments get replaced).

The second one is underneath the comment area. Resources and meta information get replaced once you add a widget to this area.

3. Managing the ads in the sidebar

You can change what ads are being displayed at www,

Here you just need to add in your own ad images and link them to the proper locations.
The number is not limited to 2 and it can be whatever required. In case you don’t need the ads at all just delete the default content you see on
www, Alternatively, just unclick the ad area in the options page and it won’t be displayed.

3. Adding a thumbnail to the home posts

The theme code is prepared so that you can choose a thumbnail image for a post to show in the home page by using a custom field under the name of “homethumb”. If the custom field isn’t added the post will just show the regular post excerpt.

4. Making the Principle theme a regular blog

If you don’t want to use the home page concept of the theme and make it a regular blog theme just remove the file named “home.php” from the theme pack and it will show your latest posts on home page as by default.