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How To Use The Wordtune Editor And Boost Your Content Development

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You can maximize the effectiveness of your work with Wordtune Editor, a cutting-edge new AI writing tool.

By providing feedback on your writing style, grammar, and spelling, aims to help you develop your writing abilities.

The question is, is it actually the best AI writing tool for you?

We’ll look at the features that Wordtune Editor has to deliver in this review and how it can help you write better.

Also, we will evaluate Wordtune Editor with its alternatives and market competition.

What Is Wordtune Editor?

Wordtune Editor, developed by AI21 Labs, employs deep ai technology to provide users with various sentences to pick from.

Screenshot 2023 03 24 at 10.08.00 PM

It promptly offers various ways of conveying the same concept by utilizing language models to reach the core of the subject.

The free Google Chrome extension is popular, and the company’s website includes glowing testimonials for the product. But does it benefit everybody?

There are numerous options available in Wordtune Editor that can benefit editors and authors of various skill levels. You’ll be able to use it to craft the perfect sentence.

Wordtune Editor does this by analyzing your writing and making suggestions for changes using a combination of machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP).

We’ll look at them in detail below.

How Does Wordtune Editor Work?

Using hundreds of thousands of body texts, Wordtune Editor makes suggestions by finding the patterns and concepts of the best writing in human language.

Every now and then, it can send you a recommendation that modifies the meaning of the text just a little or suggests words and concepts that are typical of what you write.

Wordtune Editor stands out among the numerous grammar and AI linguistic tools available. On the basis of an open-source model known as “GPT-3,” many other tools frequently employ artificial intelligence to generate phrase alternatives.

This yields fascinating results, but it isn’t very efficient and frequently modifies a sentence’s entire meaning.


  • Easy-to-use interface (UI)
  • Helps you become a better writer by offering services like tone testing and proofreading.
  • Improves the clarity and brevity of your writing.
  • Allows for one-stop editing of your writing.
  • Increases your vocabulary in English.
  • Has many features that might be beneficial for writers of all skill levels.
  • Is accessible as a Microsoft Word add-in and Chrome extension.


  • May occasionally make repeated suggestions.
  • The free plan only permits ten runs each day.

Visit the Wordtune Editor website and create a free account to get started. You can use the Wordtune Editor once you’ve registered.

You may write and modify your papers straight in the browser with the web-based Wordtune Editor.

The Rewrite prompt will be the first thing you see after a content audit when you start the Wordtune Editor. You can get writing tips from the Rewrite prompt to help you make your writing better.

Screenshot 2023 03 24 at 10.09.32 PM

For instance, the Rewrite prompt will offer a more regular substitute if you use a phrase or word that is not widely used.

If you like the ideas, just click on one of them, and your text will be updated instantly.

6 Wordtune Editor Features

You can improve your writing with Wordtune Editor’s extensive feature set. To further improve the tool, it also appears that the Wordtune Editor product team is continually introducing new features.

The following are some of the features provided by Wordtune Editor:

1. Wordtune Editor Spices

Wordtune Editor Spices is a fresh set of AI writing tools released to help you improve your writing. Spices allows you to ask the AI to provide statistics, anecdotes, examples or to elaborate on a sentence.

Screenshot 2023 03 25 at 7.31.50 PM

Compared to other AI solutions, which just generate all the content for you, this provides you with a great deal more authority over your content.

2. Extend and Simplify

You might occasionally need to adjust the text’s length to conform to the style of your writing.

For instance, you might want to ensure that the information you write for a particular portion of your website has the appropriate length.

Screenshot 2023 03 25 at 7.30.59 PM
Screenshot 2023 03 25 at 7.31.12 PM

You can choose to either condense or lengthen a statement with this Wordtune Editor tool. It can be helpful if you’ve written too much and want to make your writing shorter.

If you’re having trouble coming up with sentences and could use some assistance, you could also utilize this function to elaborate.

3. Formal and Informal Voice

With this Wordtune Editor tool, you can select between a more informal or slightly more official tone.

Screenshot 2023 03 25 at 7.31.22 PM

Simply highlight a sentence in the Wortune Editor, choose the informal or formal option from the menu at the top of the editor, and a few suggestions will be given for your content.

Using the browser extension also gives you access to this feature.

Screenshot 2023 03 25 at 7.30.48 PM

4. Rewrite

The main function of Wordtune Editor is called Rewrite, which makes it simple to experiment with many methods to reword a single word, a sentence, or even a full paragraph.

Screenshot 2023 03 25 at 7.31.31 PM

It should be mentioned that, at the moment, only Premium memberships can access Paragraph Rewrite. Both the Wordtune Editor and the browser plugin for the Rewrite function online.

5. Creative synonyms

By using this Wordtune Editor tool, you can highlight a word and get a selection of synonyms that work better in your sentences.

Screenshot 2023 03 25 at 7.41.42 PM

The advanced AI used by Wordtune Editor recognizes the context of the statement and will only suggest synonyms that make sense with that specific phrase.

6. Translate

The ability to reword a phrase or word in a different language is a useful function we discovered when using Wordtune Editor.

In the screenshot below, for instance, the Rewrite prompt has provided us with a few English choices for the French word that we have written.

Screenshot 2023 03 25 at 7.55.30 PM

7. Editing Content

While using the Wordtune Editor, your text will be examined for a variety of issues, and, if necessary, suggestions for adjustments will be made.

These elements include improved vocabulary, spelling, fixing common grammar mistakes, syntax, repetition, missing or incorrect words, clarity, fluency, and missing or incorrect words.

Making use of this AI-powered writing tool and editor can help you become a better writer and ensure that your content is free of errors.

Also, it will direct you toward clearer, simpler language. Also, it can make suggestions for improving tricky sentences.

8. Chrome Extension

The best aspect of Wordtune Editor is its Chrome extension, which enables you to include Wordtune Editor in your writing process.

With the extension, you can utilize Wordtune Editor on any website; all you need to do is click the Wordtune Editor button in your browser to start receiving writing ideas.

Using the tool is made simple with the Wordtune Editor Chrome add-on.

How Much Does Wordtune Editor Cost?

After going through the AI writing software fundamentals, let’s look at plans and prices while also delving a little deeper into this software.

Free Version

You can use Wordtune Editor’s extension on any popular browser with the free version of the program.

Wordtune Editor works with numerous popular websites, social media networks, and email services, including Gmail and Outlook, just like other language programs with extensions.

You just have access to the simple “Rewrite it” option, though.

You can use the additional features indicated above with the web version, which you can access after creating a free account.

Thus, you must cut and paste your text into the online editor and select the “Formal” option if you want to make it sound more professional.

Also, you can use their free but restricted Microsoft Word add-in.

You are only allowed a total of 10 rewrites per day in the free version. That totals ten sentences. It also qualifies as a rewrite even if you decide not to use one of the suggested sentence structures.

Screenshot 2023 03 24 at 10.08.57 PM

Premium Account

You get limitless daily sentence rewrites with Wordtune Editor’s premium version. That implies that you are free to utilize all five functions as often as you like. You can rewrite full sentences to your heart’s content!

Premium Cost:

  • $24.99 each month on average.
  • $9.99 per month on an annual basis, or $119.88.

The limitless rewriting capability of the Wordtune Editor Chrome extension is available only in the premium edition. The new Microsoft Word add-on and the web editor are also available.

Wordtune Editor Alternatives & Comparison

With other businesses attempting to address the same issue, the AI writing helper and the grammar-checking sector is still developing.

Although Wordtune Editor is one of the most well-known AI writing aids on the market, you might want to take a look at some of the alternatives, such as:

1. Grammarly

Since its launch in 2009, Grammarly has been a well-known AI writing tool and a powerful content optimization tool. It has a similar set of functions as Wordtune Editor and is one of the most well AI writing tools on the market.

Both Grammarly and Wordtune Editor provide real-time grammar checks as you type, editing recommendations, and a browser plugin.

One significant distinction between the two is that Grammarly has the capability to check for plagiarism, but Wordtune Editor does not.

Grammarly features apps that function on your laptop, browser, iPhone, and even iPad, which is another significant distinction. Both a desktop and mobile app are presently unavailable for Wordtune Editor.

Moreover, Grammarly provides an affordable Free and Premium subscription structure, with the Premium plan’s monthly price beginning at $12.

2. ProWritingAid

Screenshot 2023 03 25 at 10.26.40 PM

ProWritingAid, another AI writing tool, provides a similar set of capabilities to Wordtune Editor.

Real-time grammar checking, writing improvement advice, a browser plugin, and Microsoft Word integration are all features that both ProWritingAid and Wordtune Editor provide.

Wordtune Editor does not have a plagiarism detection option; however, ProWritingAid does.

ProWritingAid additionally offers several functions that Wordtune Editor does not, such as a style editor, Google Docs connectivity, a desktop version, and a writing statistics report.

There are two pricing options for ProWritingAid: Free and Premium. The Premium plan costs $20 per month, $120 per year, or $399 for a lifetime subscription.

3. Jasper AI

Screenshot 2023 03 24 at 2.57.00 PM 1

It’s common to compare Wordtune Editor to the AI writing tool Jasper.

In our opinion, Wordtune Editor is a tool that strives to help you write clearly without making any grammatical mistakes, whereas Jasper is more focused on helping with copywriting for all types of material, including blogs, commercials, product descriptions, and more.

Even so, because Jasper and Grammarly are integrated, the two apps offer some overlapping functions, such as paraphrasing and grammar checks.

4. Hemingway Editor

Screenshot 2023 03 25 at 10.25.36 PM

An artificial intelligence (AI) writing assistant named Hemingway Editor focuses on assisting you in writing eloquently.

Real-time grammar checks and writing improvement recommendations are provided by Wordtune Editor and Hemingway Editor, respectively.

A readability score, text highlights to demonstrate where you may enhance your writing, and a word count objective are just a few elements that Hemingway Editor offers but Wordtune Editor does not.

Online users can access the Hemingway Editor for free, which is a great deal. A desktop version of the app is also available; it can be downloaded and used for $19.99.

5. Rytr

Screenshot 2023 03 24 at 3.28.25 PM 1

Several people contrast Wordtune Editor with Rytr, another AI writing tool. Similar to Jasper, Rytr serves as a more versatile tool that aids in copywriting for many things, including blogs, advertisements, and much more.

Yet, some elements in Rytr are similar to those in Wordtune Editor, such as a browser extension that lets you utilize the tool across the web.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wordtune Editor Free for Students?

Students are entitled to a 30% discount for Wordtune Editor’s annual or monthly plans as long as they are enrolled in school, employed as a teacher, have an active.edu email address, or work for a non-profit or NGO.

Is it Okay to Use Wordtune Editor?

We highly recommend Wordtune Editor since it enables high-quality, professional writing and provides helpful ideas for improving a sentence’s tone and vocabulary.

Wrapping Up

Overall, we believe Wordtune Editor is an excellent tool for anyone looking to develop their writing abilities and avert grammatical mistakes.

It is quite simple to use because of the well-designed browser extension and connection with Microsoft Word, and we adore the real-time suggestion functions.

The sole drawback is that Wordtune Editor does not yet include some of the capabilities provided by other AI writing aids, such as plagiarism detection and citation generation. We anticipate that these functions will be included eventually.

Ultimately, we believe that Wordtune Editor Premium’s monthly fee of $9.99 USD is fair, given the benefits that the program offers.

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