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Have you ever had a job that you didn’t like?
When you woke up in the morning, you had to push yourself to get out of bed and force yourself to go to work. (This may even be the job that you’re working right now.)
You know that feeling when you get to work and sit down in your cubicle and start thinking, “Man, my heart really isn’t in this”.
What you want is to quit your job, sooner rather than later so you can start working at home full-time on your blogging business.
This week, I want to talk about getting good enough at focusing on your blog so that you CAN quit your job. If you start now, stay focused, keep motivated and really spend time working on your blog in your free time, you will be able to quit that job in 12 months (or less, depending on your progress).
In order to make this plan happen, you need to have 5 things in place in order to finally be able to work at home in your athleisure wear!
Let’s get started.

Manage Your Time Effectively

If you want to be successful, you’re going to have to start managing your time differently than you have in the past.
[socialpug_tweet tweet=”As blogging entrepreneurs, we’re bad about falling into the trap of counting every hour at the computer as “work time”.” display_tweet=”As blogging entrepreneurs, we’re bad about falling into the trap of counting every hour at the computer as “work time”.”][spacer height=”15px”] Be honest with yourself here for a minute. How much of that work time is…

  • spent browsing through Facebook?
  • checking the latest Reddit posts?
  • or going down the rabbit hole of “research”?

It’s time to learn how to really focus. And to make sure that you set aside enough time during the day to actually make a significant amount of progress with your business.
Because if you have allotted 15 minutes per day to grow your e-commerce blog, you’re going to grow at a very, very slow rate!

Find Out What You Need To Focus On

Before you can focus on a task for your blog, you have to know what you should be
focusing on. After all, working hard on something that doesn’t give you the results you want or need, isn’t so helpful.
The key is to make smart decisions, prioritize, and have a good idea of what you need to focus on today.
So, you need to…

Start With The Big Picture

Before you can start to focus, you need to have a good grasp of the goal.
Without this all-important first step, it’s too easy to fall into a trap of doing busy work or continuing to do the same tasks each day without seeing the end results you want and need.
So, start off by deciding exactly what you want to accomplish.

Make A Plan And Come Up With A Strategy

Once you have that big picture in mind, it’s time to make a plan for getting from where you’re at now to where you want to be.
You want to go from working for someone else to working for yourself so you can control your schedule, be home after school with your kids and enjoy doing what you love every day.

Pen and Paper

The old-fashioned way of pen and paper is a great way to do this. (I find it helps me to walk away from my computer for a bit.)  I like to spread out at the kitchen table or curl up on the couch with a large notebook and draw out everything I need to do to accomplish my goal.
Another benefit of using pen and paper is that you can lay it out in any format that makes the most sense to you.

  • Use bubble drawings
  • Create something resembling a family tree
  • Draw out your funnel in a funnel shape.
  • Or just make a long list of notes.

Heck, you can even write various parts of your business or each project on sticky notes or index cards and move them around.
Use whatever method works best for you. I like to use a free tool called Workflowy.

Mind Maps

If you prefer to keep it digital, mind maps are a great option. There are several different free mind mapping programs out there – Coggle is a great one.
So, fire up the computer and mind map out your business, or even just one particular project, you want to focus on over the coming weeks.
What’s the next, logical, big thing you need to be working on? What will help you move ahead and get you on the path to your goal of working at home?
This process of mapping will help you decide where your focus needs to be.

Turn That Plan Into Action Items

Last, but not least, it’s time to turn that strategy you just came up with into action items.
These are simple tasks you can get done one at a time. For example: in order to save money for when you first start working at home, this may mean paying off your credit cards now, saving an emergency fund, and doing some small things to put away even more money (like cooking at home more, or canceling your cable).
This means breaking your big plan down into small projects, tasks, or daily to-do lists you can work from.
Once you have each step, it will become much easier to focus on them one at a time and get stuff done

Break It Down Into Daily To-Do Lists

Once you know what you should be working on, you should be good to take the next step – figuring out exactly what you need to do to get it done.
Break each project down into baby steps.
Is there anything you don’t know how to do? Decide if you’re going to outsource it or learn to do it yourself.
Then add those all these tasks to your daily and weekly to-do lists.
How you keep your to-do list is up to you. A notepad and pen work just fine. Or try a free to-do list app, like ToDoist or Wunderlist.
I find that if I make out my list for the next day before I stop working today, I do even better. My head is still in business mode and I  know what I need to be working on tomorrow to keep making progress on my goals.
Advanced Tip: Mark your money-making tasks as urgent and work on those before you do anything else in the morning.

So, Just What Are Money Making Tasks?

They are the things to accomplish that lead to making money. For example, sending an email to your list with an affiliate offer would be a money-making task. Another one (that’s a bit more indirect) would be to work on your next big product.
Starting with these types of hyper-productive tasks sets the tone for your whole work day. You may just find the rest of the day becomes much more productive and profitable as well.
And even if things happen and don’t go as planned, you know you’ve at least gotten something done today that will bring some money in the door!
When you get in the habit of making a daily to-do list and work hard to make sure everything on the list gets done your productivity skyrockets.
You’ll find that even if you only have a couple of hours to work on your business, sitting down and working on one or two tasks that will help you move forward, makes a huge difference.

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