Hey everyone! Today’s post is concerned with How we can optimized blog post title. Blog Post Title is one of the main thing to take your blog to the next level through Search engines. Title is the one main important part of your post because if your title has not the power of attraction then the whole article doesn’t work anymore. If you have blog and you write blog post title, just remember the post title because post title determines the CTR (click through ratio) of your blog post, and a bad post title will ensure you will not get good traffic.

Tips to Write SEO Optimized Blog Post Title

1)  Descriptive & Long

The first tip for optimized your blog title is descriptive and long titles. You have to write meaningful and attractive titles for your article. The long titles have enough words in it to describe the purpose of the the post by using multiple keywords.

2)  Social Media

SEO MarketingThis is the main and important and obviously my favorite one tip and method to gain high traffic for your site. As we all know that social media play an vital role in the field of popularity and promotion. You can promote your article/post through various social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ etc.

3)  Use Multiple Keywords

The next point is use multiple keywords in your post/article. Bloggers focus on the single keyword in the title of their blog posts but only few advanced bloggers follow the technique of using multiple keywords in the post title.

4)  Use Synonyms:

Synonyms are those words which are almost identical or similar in meaning for example, Instead of Creative we can use Artistic, and by using synonyms we are targeting the same content but with different keywords.

5)  Use Eye-Catching Words

You have to use eye catching words for your articles if you really want to gain high traffic. Don’t used the words which is used by another bloggers because audience getting really bored if they saw an repeated words and tags. So try to use eye catching words for your posts.

6)  Title most be SEO friendly

A couple of bloggers more focus on the writing titles SEO friendly and some do focus on writing viewers friendly, But yet the clever publishers do pay attention to both equally. Maintain a balance between SEO friendly post and your readers.

7)  Avoid unnecessary keywords

If you really want to grow high traffic for your site than do not use unnecessary keywords like in, an, of, that etc. Always ignore small tiny keywords. Always try to grab high targeted keywords for your post title. Choose your keywords wisely.

8) Target main on Focused keywords

Yes you can make your post title more seo friendly by placing keywords which are main and properly describe your post too. It will increase your keyword density also which leads you on first pages of Google.

9) Always make your title killer

Now you can make your post more interesting by making it killer one. Start with hot words and end at ?. The title must be consists of wow factor and eye catching but note to make it genuine not joke or laughable.

10) Blog post tile must be of H2 tag

Yes search engines prefer h2 tag first before h3 tag. Just change your template settings and you are all done! According to Google SEO, H2 tag is king and H3 is queen etc. Post tiles must be of H2 tag and its content includes other H3,H4 and H5 tags.

That’s! Enjoy…

This article is written by karan singh chauhan who blogs on Blogging tips, SEO,Social Media and Make Money online at bloggingways.net.