Are you struggling to write content for your new blog? Has your stream of posts slowed down to a trickle?

You’re not alone. Creating new and exciting content isn’t easy. In my opinion, it’s the reason bloggers close up shop.

With this post, it’s my goal to get your wheels turning with ten new ideas for your blog. This way you’ll head into 2013 with ton of content. Let’s get started:

1. How-to Posts

People are searching Google to learn how to do anything – from building a table out of pallets, to learning PHP and how to save for retirement. Turn what you do into a “how-to” post and watch it spread all over the web.

2. Create an Infographic

If you’ve recently come across a site with a whole bunch of stats and you need a way to organize it, think about making an infographic. With tools like Piktochart, it’s super easy to get a great-looking infographic on your blog in no time.

3. An Enormous List

I’ve been seeing more of these recently. “121 Ways to Use Twitter” or Ten Ways to Get More Hits With Memorable Content. These posts rank incredibly well in Google. This means, for SEO purposes, long lists are Google gold. This ultimately means better exposure for your blog.

4. Your Honest Opinion

Want to shake things up? Let your readers know how you really feel. Opinion posts that go against the grain are likely to get traction with your readers. Whether they agree or disagree, it’s a great way to boost your engagement and gain a few followers in the process.

5. Moving Image with Story

Have you read about the man who ran in the Olympics with two prosthetics? Or how about the rags to riches story of a young woman in Brooklyn? Heart-wrenching, emotionally-driven stories not only tug at your heartstrings, but make you want to share their story with the world. Maybe you helped a less-fortunate family for the holidays and want to tell their story. If so, get it down on paper and spread it around on social media.

6. Solve a Problem

Comcast doesn’t make it easy to cancel your service. I couldn’t find it on their website, so I searched Google for “Cancel my Comcast Account?” – and I found what I needed. The answer was located in a blog post from an individual who had the same problem. Chances are, other people face the problems you face. If you find an answer, blog about it. Just like the how-to posts above, solving a problem is valuable to many of your readers.

7. Propose an Alternative

The same solution doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why there are alternatives. Draft up a post about alternatives to something in your niche. Maybe it’s restaurants, healthcare, web applications, or real estate. There are always options – and people want to know what they are.

8. Post Survey Results

Did you just get a feedback survey from your customers? If so, publish the results on your blog. Not only does it lend credibility to your company, it also shows you’re transparent and willing to address consumer concerns head-on.

9. Project Updates

Think you should keep your new project under wraps? Think again! Your loyal customers always want to know what you’re up to. Whether you’re coming out with a new product line or redesigning your signature spring jacket, post updates to your blog and let the feedback roll in.

10. Employee Profiles

You’re not the only one making the cookies bake or dealing with customers on the front-lines. Give a monthly shout-out to your employees by letting them post profiles of themselves on the blog. Include favorite customer story, best movie they’ve seen recently, and food they can’t live without. This helps to humanize your team and shed light on who works behind the scenes.

There you have it – ten solid ideas to write about. This list is definitely not the end-all be-all. What can you add?

This post was written by Michael Adams, who is the Marketing Manager for Fourtopper. Fourtopper builds stunning websites for restaurants. For more information on how you can bring more to the table with your website, visit the Fourtopper blog.