Email marketing is one of the most important components of any online business or brand today. Millions of people will visit your site, but they will also come and go. With email, you can keep the conversation going and continually grow your customer base and audience in the process.

While many people talk about the power and effectiveness of email marketing, only a select few implement the most effective actionable tips and lead generation methods on their site. With this common goal in mind, today we are going to look at some of the best ways to not only grow your mailing list but also focus on improving email open rates in the process.

The Shorter the Email Title… Often then Better

When you have a subject line, which is too long, it will get caught off when delivered to the recipient inbox. For this reason, you should make your lines no longer than 50 characters. The shorter the lines, the quicker the person viewing it will be able to understand what the message is all about. This will increase how fast they will open the message especially when it’s catchy. Remember, when people receive an email message, they’ll scan through their inbox looking to see what catches their eye right away. Here are a few useful tips to create great looking emails and newsletters.

Grab Interest by Including the User’s Name in the Email

Depending on the type of email marketing service your using, you’ll be able to add custom fields to the message. One of them will allow you to add a field which will generate the first name of the recipient. When you send the message, it will arrive with the sender name first then the subject line after. The reason these messages have a higher open rate is that they have a personal touch to them. When people see their first name in the subject line, it will make them feel special and that you’ve created a custom message for them.


Remember to Use the Keyword in Your Email Title

Some of the best email subject lines include the main keyword associated with your niche. Keep in mind that these people are on your list because they resonate with your brand and the awesome content you provide them. To keep these people opening your messages, it’s important to include a keyword that represents your brand so they’ll be enticed to open and click through to whatever offer you have available.

The Title of Your Email is the Ultimate Call to Action

Remember the last time you wrote a title for a blog post? You probably spent more time on the title than anything else. This is just how email marketing needs to be looked at as well. The title of your email is going to be much more important than what you say inside of it.

Since your email marketing will be closely associated with your blog, it’s a great idea to skim through looking over what content has the highest engagement. Look at the title and what keywords you included to increase engagement because the same strategy can be applied to your next email send. If you are just starting out, here’s a great resource on writing great blog titles so you can apply the same strategies your email marketing.  

Best Methods for Improving Email Outreach and Marketing in 2018

We all know that email marketing is simply the best way to grow a business and brand online, but it’s not as simple as just throwing a lead gen form or subscribe popup window on our sites. This is a two-way conversation and you need to actually provide valuable content to your audience, while also making them not want to unsubscribe in the process.

Follow each of the actionable email marketing steps above to improve your list building efforts and email open rates today.