Writing remarkable blog posts should always be your goal. Each time you hit the “publish” button it has to be stellar. Your post needs to be exceptional. It’s your responsibility to your readers.

But it’s not always easy to do. There are many writers who, despite their best efforts to come up with something truly awesome, still end up creating a lackluster piece.

This could be due to several reasons: lack of knowledge on the topic, not enough time to write a great piece, uninteresting topic, etc.

writing remarkable posts is not as difficult as beforeThe good news is you can always improve. You don’t need to be so talented to create remarkable blog posts, although that would be awesome if you’re one. All it takes is a lot of practice and some guidelines on blogging well.

Follow these and you’ll see that writing remarkable blog posts isn’t as difficult as you thought it would be:

Teach your readers something useful

People read blogs mainly to learn something. They expect to find the solutions to their problems or, at the very least, get something useful when they read blog posts. If your post provides people what they need to make their lives easier, then it’ll definitely go viral. Each time you write something, aim to teach something. That should make things easier for you.

Focus on just one topic

Confused readers won’t:

  • take action
  • learn anything
  • be impressed
  • share your post

The reason for having confused readers is the lack of focus on your post. Talk about one thing only. Make reading an easy experience for your readers. Most people have short attention span, so if your post talks about so many things, they could find it hard to keep up. Focus on just one topic. There’s always another post to talk about that other idea you’re itching to squeeze into your current post. Remember: clarity paves the way for remarkable writing.

Use simple language

You don’t need complex words to amaze people. Don’t try to sound too intelligent. If your blog post is full of words that only those with masteral degrees can understand, then you’re only remarkable to very few people. You’re not blogging to win a Pulitzer. You’re blogging to reach out to millions of people. You can’t do that if you don’t speak to them in a language they can understand.

Ensure that it’s skimmable

Be cool with the fact that not everyone will read your entire post. A lot will just skim the post. That’s why your blog post needs to be formatted properly. Make sure that people will easily identify the important points in your post by using bullets, headings, and writing short paragraphs.

Keep it short and simple

Short and simple is always sweet. Unless you have way too much to share, keep your posts as short as possible. You don’t want to burden your readers by making them read through a lengthy post that doesn’t really tell them anything new.

Add attractive photos

Photos make blog posts more appealing. Use relevant, appealing, and clear photos. In fact, each blog post should have an image. There are times when photos alone make people want to read posts.

Communicate with your readers

This is perhaps one of the most important tips in writing remarkable blog posts. Write as if you’re personally talking to your readers. They want to feel that your words are meant for them. Before people become impressed by your post, it has to make them feel comfortable and important first.

It’s easier for them to see how remarkable your post is if they know you’ve written it specifically for them.

Go and try these tips the next time you write and see some changes in how people react to your posts.